🔥How To Get Laid With Hot Girls In Warsaw: (2022)

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Warsaw girls are probably the hottest in all of Poland. There are tons of tall, slim girls walking around the city..But you have to know how to get them if you want a sweet Polish girlfriend!

Here is how you can meet hot Polish girls easily with minimal effort and expense. We will start with the best and easiest method: using a little known online dating hack.

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👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨Get Laid In Warsaw The Easy Way: Adult Friend Finder (Hookups)

Girls in Warsaw still hanker after a foreign man – keep your eyes open in the city and you’ll notice that they do seem to like men from other countries (the Polish guys hate this fact, but who cares.)

Why is this?

Well, they think that foreign men can show them a better life, take them to exciting places, see new parts of the world and so on. In other words, foreign men can offer a direct contrast to the more stolid Polish guy.

But you have to use the right online dating sites. So forget about Tinder, OkCupid and all the other usual online dating sites: they are tapped out. Every horny foreigner in the world that wants to meet Polish girls uses these apps.

Instead, try Adult Seeking Arrangement, which has become much more mainstream in recent years.

They are now one of the top ways of getting laid in Poland in 2022.

Here’s a sample of hot Polish girls from the exact dating site I recommend:

warsaw girls on dating site

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Warsaw Nightlife And Clubs: Your Quick Guide

There are plenty of nightlife options in Warsaw for you to choose from. This handy video shows you all the best nightclubs and areas to find hookup bars in Warsaw and even shows you what its like inside the clubs!

👫 Dating In Warsaw: The Key Facts

Warsaw has become a lot more liberal over the last 20 years and is definitely the most open of all Polish cities. Despite a strong Catholic presence and influence in the city, Polish girls in Warsaw are more open for casual sex and fun than in virtually any other Polish city (with the possible exception of Wroclaw).

If you’re looking for a more serious kind of relationship you will have to make some form of commitment. But if you’re just looking to get laid in Poland…

There is no better place to do it than Warsaw.

If you’re a little nervous about approaching the hot Polish girls (and most guys are), I strongly suggest you sign up to the dating app I recommended at the top of this article. The reason is that most other Polish dating sites are completely tapped out – you will struggle almost as much as you would in London or LA.

If you’d like more choice, check out my list of the top younger woman older man dating sites. It should work well for you.

Does Tinder Work In Poland?

Tinder is basically a spent force now in Poland and especially in Warsaw. All the Polish guys use it, and every foreigner who comes to Polish cities starts swiping too. As a result, there are 5 times more men than women who use tinder in Poland, so it is super competitive.

If you’re very photogenic and you’re happy to accept a girl about 2 points below what you could get using other methods discussed in this article you could try Tinder..Just don’t expect too much!

Does Warsaw Have A Red Light District?

desert rose spa warsaw

Warsaw does not have a red light district, but there are a lot of escorts who operate all over the city. You may see flyers with pictures of half-naked girls as you walk around – these are hookers advertising their services.

I’d strongly recommend you avoid these girls because you never know what you are getting yourself into, and there’s a good chance you will get completely scammed.

If you’re looking for some sensual fun in Warsaw you could do much worse than some of the excellent erotic massage Parlours. The girls will give you a fully naked erotic massage complete with a happy ending and a full body-to-body experience.

Two of the best massage places in Warsaw are Desert Rose and Shambala. They are both way cheaper than you would find in the UK or USA.

shambala warsaw

Do they speak English in Poland?

English is widely spoken in Poland, especially in the large urban centres like Warsaw and Wroclaw. The younger generation up to about 35 usually speak English without trouble, but the older generation struggle.

The girls will often relish the chance to “practice their English” if you are a native English speaker, so beware that you don’t waste your time with girls who just want to improve their linguistic skills instead of..something else.

🚶🏻‍♂️ How To Get Laid In Poland In The Daytime (daygame)

If online dating isn’t your thing though, try these tips to meet Polish girls in the daytime.

Polish girls react well to a direct daygame opener. They are used to being approached (especially in Warsaw), so there is no need to try and hide your intentions when you approach her.

You will read online that a lot of guys complain that they don’t get great results from Daygame approaching in Warsaw. This is usually because they spam approach girl after girl, and say the same thing every time.

To have success with daygame in Poland and Warsaw specifically, you need to do it a little differently.

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1: Be specific and pay a direct compliment to the girl when you open.

Before you approach, clear your mind and try to notice something about her that is unique, that you like in particular.

Approach her, introduce yourself and then tell her specifically what you like about her.

Speak slowly and clearly, and stand with good posture. Make it very clear that you are interested in dating her, and are not just having a friendly chit chat.

Don’t try and overplay the foreigner angle

Poland is a strange mix of Western Capitalism and Eastern values.

The country is doing well and people here work hard. The girls have swallowed the Western attitude of studying and focusing on their career.

So don’t think that they are going to drop their panties just because you are from the West and may have more money than her.

A lot of younger Polish people are well aware of the degradation that is happening in countries like the UK, Canada and Australia and they don’t want any part of it. They want to stay in Poland but have more opportunities.

Polish people are rightly proud of their great country (and rightly so). So trying to play the “cool foreigner” card will not work here.

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Answering Questions About How Long You Will Stay

A lot of the girls still have a traditional mindset when it comes to dating. So whilst they will cheat, they do want to know that they won’t be just another notch on your bedpost.

You need to be skilled at creating comfort and reassuring the girl that you are not just looking for a pump and dump.

I’ve found the best option is honesty – mostly because I do not like trying to deceive or lie to girls. I usually say something like:

“I want to get away from the UK. I’m building a business so I can do this, and Poland is my favourite country so I want to stay longer term.

Sometimes I have to leave but I do visit often and my long term plan is to settle here”

This works for me because it’s true.

You have to make up your own mind and follow your own moral code about this.

Polish Girls In Warsaw

There is some talk online that Polish girls are becoming “spoiled” and Westernised.

I have not noticed this at all. In my opinion Polish girls are sweet and feminine.

They are not shy and you will notice a lot of eye contact and flirting signals as you walk around (assuming you have your head held high and display good posture).

In general Polish guys are great people, but don’t flaunt that you are with a Polish girl as a foreigner – they are very protective of their women!

However, Polish girls do react favourably to foreign men as long as you act respectably and don’t get drunk in public!

☀️ Meet Warsaw Girls In The Daytime

This is the simplest route that you can follow that will lead you around all the best daygame spots in Warsaw:

Start at Zlote Tarasy Mall. This is the most popular mall in Warsaw, and is busy most of the year round.

zlote tarasy mall daygame warsaw

Start Daygaming At Zlote Tarasy Mall, Warsaw

Be warned : the mall is not large and after an hour or so of daygaming you will be bored and want to move on. It is not suitable for longer.

Pro tip: Go to the Costa by the main entrance to the mall, you will see escalators going up and down.

Head to the lower floors (-1) and you will find other suitable daygaming spots by the train station, and a series of connecting passageways that lead to and from the mall.

After Zloty Tarasy Mall walk straight out of the main entrance, cross the road and head across the small park that leads past the Palace of Culture. You will see the Palace of Culture on your left.

You could stand around this area or sit on one of the seats and try direct approaching the cute Polish girls as they walk by.

Protip : Unfortunately this area does have a few tramps and beggars who will harass you. However, the Polish police are very strict and maintain a presence in the area, so it is perfectly safe.

Continue onwards towards the subway that connects to Marszałkowska.

The subway is always busy with lots of footfall – it’s a connection hub for the entire city. As you walk through the subway (infact as you walk around generally), practice forcing IOIs – this is a vital ingredient to successful Day Game approaches.

From Marszalkowska, turn right onto Chmilnea street. This is one of the most popular spots for daygame in Warsaw. There are loads of coffee shops and bars where you can take a break and watch the girls walk past.

If you notice interest from a girl, approach directly and try to get her number or take her to a nearby bar / coffee shop.

Daygame On Novy Swiat, Warsaw

novy swiat daygame warsaw

Novy Swiat – The Best Place For Daygaming In Warsaw

Novy Swiat is perfect for Daygame. If you’ve followed the daygame route so far, you will have noticed that the streets are quite crowded and the girls can be in a hurry.

Novy Swiat is more relaxed, with slower walking girls who are less busy. For this reason, Novy Swiat is probably the best Warsaw Daygame spot in the entire city.

Take a slow stroll down the prettiest street in Warsaw, approaching as you go.

Pro Tip : There is a really nice Green Cafe on Novy Swiat about halfway down. You’ll find it almost directly opposite the Costa Coffe.

You’ll often see hot Polish girls relaxing there who may be amenable to your daygame approach.

Other Daygame Spots In Warsaw

hala koszyki daygame warsaw

Hala Kosyzki is a perfect place to go after a hard day of Daygame approaching. Whilst not strictly a Daygaming location, it’s a very cool indoor collection of bars and restaurants where all the best looking girls in Warsaw go.

You’ll find no shortage of girls to approach here.

Daygame Warsaw: City Layout

Warsaw is a spread-out city, so it really is best to stick to the usual daygame route as outlined above.

It has the best concentration of hot girls and is all within close walking distance.

You could do this daygame route in about 60-90 minutes.

❤️ Use This Method To Get Laid In Warsaw (Easiest Way)

seeking arrangement sugar babies london

Cuties from the dating site I recommend in Warsaw.
If you find daygame and nightgame too hard in Warsaw, give the sugar daddy site I recommend a try. You will find tons of hot girls from Warsaw on there who will be happy to meet you, and you can use the site when you return home too.

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FAQ About Getting Laid In Warsaw

Is it easy to get laid in Poland?

Overall it can be – but it’s not as easy as it used to be. Bear in mind that Polish girls are used to foreign guys coming to their cities and trying to sleep with the local women. They have heard all the daygame lines and cheesy approaches before.

Bottom line: If you’re bold and have game + looks, daygame might work for you.

If you’re more of a normal guy or you just want to get laid with hot girls in Warsaw on easy mode, try the online dating site I recommended earlier. You will find it’s one of the easiest and least time-consuming ways to meet hot Polish chicks.

How Do I Meet Girls In Warsaw?

Use the daytime approach techniques: don’t hesitate, be direct with the girl and calm your nerves. If you want to use an easier way, sign up to the specialist dating site where you’ll find lots of hot Polish girls waiting to talk to you.

How Do I Get A Warsaw Hookup?

If you want a Warsaw hookup you have to maximise your chances.

1: Sign up to the dating site I recommend before you arrive in Warsaw and start pipelining.
2: Go out on as many dates as possible with girls from the dating site and show them a good time.
3: If you can manage it, throw in some daytime approaches using the tips I’ve outlined in this article to maximise your chances.

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