🇵🇱Sex In Warsaw : How To Get Laid With Hot Warsaw Girls Fast And Easy!

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By Steve Jabba. Find out more about Steve Jabba here

Ready for the inside scoop on sex in Warsaw? I’m about to reveal all the sizzling details on how to get laid in Warsaw swiftly, affordably, and with zero fuss.

We’ll investigate the leading dating apps for immediate hookups in Warsaw, how to get sex with Warsaw girls as an older gent, and the top tactics for attracting stunning Polish girls.

Moreover, we’ll explore Warsaw’s singles nightlife, so you can mix with the locals while discovering the city.

Steve Jabba Key Tip - The Best Way To Get Laid FAST!

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👧🏼Warsaw Girls: Height, Weight, and Physical Characteristics

Here’s the scoop on Warsaw girls if you want to secure a hookup:

The average height of girls in Warsaw is around 5’6, featuring a blend of tall and petite Polish beauties. Warsaw girls typically have a slim, athletic build, with fair skin and striking facial features. You can expect to find many natural blondes, as well as brunettes and redheads.

You’ll also come across plenty of Ukrainian and Belarusian girls, especially in Warsaw’s city center. Be prepared to be enchanted by the stunning women you’ll meet while exploring this captivating city.

💑How to get laid with Warsaw girls: a quick rundown

As previously mentioned, the top hookup dating site in Warsaw is Adult Friend Finder. For guys under 35, it’s undeniably the simplest way to hook up with hot Warsaw girls swiftly and effortlessly.

Steve Jabba Key Tip 2 – For Men Over 35!

For men over 35, your go-to choice should be Ashley Madison

There are TONS of gorgeous Warsaw girls on this site (in fact, they outnumber the men 4 to 1), and they’re searching for older guys who can treat them well.

If you’re attracted to beautiful women, over 35, and don’t mind splurging on dates and whisking girls away on romantic getaways, Ashley Madison is an exceptional resource for meeting top-tier women worldwide.

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Warsaw Girls’ Attitudes and Turn-Ons

Warsaw girls are generally attracted to honest, direct, and somewhat dominant behavior. They appreciate traditional gender roles and value more “manly” behavior than girls in the USA or UK.

Be candid with them, be bold when expressing your interest, and always take the lead. Don’t over-emote or reveal vulnerability until you know them very well.

Unlike the USA or UK, Warsaw girls won’t be impressed by overly sensitive behavior. Trust me – it’s a massive turn-off for Polish girls if you become too emotional or reveal too much about your feelings too soon.
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Warsaw Nightlife for Singles: The Inside Scoop

warsaw sex guide
Let’s delve into Warsaw’s nightlife for singles and uncover the real deal.
Firstly, you must know that Warsaw is an increasingly popular tourist destination, so you’ll want to steer clear of clubs teeming with eager European and American men trying to hook up with hot Warsaw girls, just like you!

The second factor is that the competition from the local guys is INTENSE! Warsaw guys are generally very good-looking, strong, and there is a pervasive sense of pride in being Polish, meaning they stick together and try to shut YOU out.


Here are some of the top clubs in Warsaw with a decent men/women ratio where you might score a Warsaw hookup:

Curious about what Warsaw clubs are like? Check out this video showcasing what you can expect as a single guy hitting the Warsaw club scene:

Here’s a list of the clubs:

What You Must Know About Warsaw Nightlife for Single Men

The main challenge you’ll face when trying to connect with Warsaw girls in clubs is the fierce competition from local men. I’ve experienced it numerous times in central Warsaw – both in the city center and surrounding areas – where clubs were filled with eager guys vying for the attention of stunning Polish girls.

And the girls know how to play the game! As time passes, nightclubs and bars seem to become less about hooking up and more about girls demonstrating their ability to reject men’s advances, even if they’re genuinely interested.

The competition from local men in Warsaw is intense. Polish men are good-looking and protective of their women, making it tough for foreigners to stand a chance.

Since Polish people are quite tight-knit, your chances of getting past the protective barriers of local men, if they decide to shut you out, are slim.

That’s why I recommend giving the dating apps I mentioned earlier a try.

Adult Friend Finder if you’re a younger guy just looking for a hookup.
Ashley Madison (or Ashley Madison) if you’re over 35 and open to a relationship too (with extremely attractive women!).

Steve Jabba’s Key Tip 3 – Using Mind Control To Get The Hottest Girls

Another thing you can do is try out a set of very specific techniques called “The Scrambler”

This is a cool new dating product I found that you can use to do freaky “mind-control” on girls so that they end up becoming attracted to you.

Even if you’re not a conventionally attractive guy.

It works on even the hottest girls. I tried it myself, and also recommended it to a bunch of people – they pretty much all ended up hooking up with hot girls!

Get the lowdown on the Scrambler method here – it’s pretty neat!

Strategies and Techniques for Warsaw Clubs

It’s common to find a challenging ratio of men to women in clubs and bars throughout Warsaw – there’s simply no avoiding it.

The best strategy is to be direct and straightforward, gauging her interest based on her reaction to your approach. This way, you can quickly assess your options.

As we discussed earlier, Warsaw girls appreciate a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to show it.

Start by making eye contact, then approach her with a direct opener. A compliment works well, followed by introducing yourself.

Steve Jabba’s Key Tip 4 – Hookup in Warsaw Clubs

Inside the club, position yourself near the bar, dance floor, or other areas where you’re more likely to strike up a conversation with a girl.

You must maximize every opportunity, especially if you’re in a sea of competing men!

When approaching Warsaw girls in clubs, avoid being overly aggressive or pushy; it’s a turn-off.

Finally, use powerful body language to attract the girls (more on this in a moment)

On the subject of powerful body language, I recommend a new dating product called The Obsession Method.

This simple dating product teaches you really powerful body-language tricks that you can use to get girls super attracted to you in minutes.

You can use it in places like clubs, bars, and even in coffee shops!

It’s ideal for places like Warsaw where the competition is so fierce.

Try out the Obsession method here and see if it interests you.

Where To Meet Warsaw Girls – City Guide

novy swiat warsaw
If you want to know the best places where to meet Warsaw girls aside from the clubs, I’d recommend you try the following areas:

Nowy Świat: This street is lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops where you can easily strike up a conversation with a local beauty.

Łazienki Park: A beautiful park in Warsaw where you can meet girls enjoying the outdoors. Perfect for a daytime stroll and casual conversations.

Wilanów Palace: This historic palace and its surrounding gardens attract many locals and tourists alike. It’s a great spot to meet Warsaw girls interested in history and culture.

Hala Koszyki: This trendy food hall and market is a popular spot for locals to grab a bite, shop, or socialize. You’re sure to meet interesting Warsaw girls here.

Plac Zbawiciela: This lively square is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and bars. It’s a perfect location to strike up a conversation with a local girl over coffee or a meal.

Mokotowska Street: A bustling street known for its high-end boutiques and cozy cafes, Mokotowska Street is a great place to meet fashionable Warsaw girls during a shopping trip.

University of Warsaw Library: If you’re looking to meet intellectual and studious Warsaw girls, the University of Warsaw Library is an excellent spot. The library also has a beautiful rooftop garden, perfect for relaxing and striking up conversations.

👠Sex In Warsaw : Prostitution In Warsaw

Prostitution in Poland is legal, though many other aspects of sex work remain illegal, including pimping, brothels, and soliciting in public places (including street prostitution).

Various attempts have been made over the years to reduce overt street prostitution since the activity is heavily frowned upon by local authorities and the population at large.

The Catholic Church in Poland exerts a powerful influence over cultural norms and views, though less so in increasingly liberal Warsaw. Generally, the Catholic Church in Poland does not espouse a coherent stance, though it reportedly views female sex workers as victims of sexual and economic exploitation.

Local Polish media often portrays sex workers as immoral or criminal, contributing to an environment that makes it hard for sex workers in Poland to feel safe and respected.

Overall, sex work in Poland is frowned upon due to the strong Catholic church influence, legal restrictions and the general attitudes of Polish people towards prostitution.

However, as a general rule of thumb, the larger the city in Poland, the more permissive and tolerant the attitude towards prostitution and sex work.

👠Warsaw Call Girls

One of the best websites to find independent Warsaw call girls is Adult Friend Finder.

There are tens of millions of members worldwide, and the site allows users to search by service, ethnicity, and location.

Sign up for free using the link below:

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How do you identify call girls on Adult Friend Finder? Simply ask! Generally speaking, if the girl’s photos are naughty and she has a sexy profile, she is open to some fun for money.

Price Of Warsaw Call Girls / Escort/ Hookers

So how much does it cost for a Warsaw escort ASKA Warsaw call girl? I warn you – it is NOT cheap.

I checked a number of sex escort websites in Warsaw and the average cost for a Warsaw escort/call girl is 6000 CZK (254 EUR, 268 USD). It is basically the same price as the UK or USA (or Germany), where the majority of tourists come from who look for sex with Warsaw girls.

And how hot are the escorts and call girls in Warsaw? Pretty hot as you would expect considering the high level of beauty of Polish Women. Here’s a sample of hot Warsaw escorts/ call girls:
budapest call girl 1
chicago call girl 1

You’ll find lots of Warsaw call girls like this on Adult Friend Finder. Sign up free using the link below:

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👸Warsaw girls: looks and character

You’ll find Warsaw girls a joy to be around when compared to English, American or other Western counterparts. Two things you’ll notice about Warsaw girls straight away:

They are virtually all slim and attractive.
They have a much more feminine attitude.

I want to give you a real sense of what girls in Warsaw look like. Here are some more photos from girls in Warsaw on Adult Friend Finder:

warsaw girls

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The problem is it is tough – or it was until now.

I’ve found a cool site which tells you how to use simple mind control tricks to get any girl to chase YOU..Instead of the other way round

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🟥Red-light district and street prostitution in Warsaw

There is no red light district in Warsaw per-se, though you will find disguised brothels around ulica (street) Wilcza and ulica Poznańska.

Here you will find strip clubs, brothels, and massage parlours. Some of these places advertise their services openly, with neon signs or posters in the windows.

What kind of services can you get in these kinds of places? It can include full-service sex, erotic massages, or lap dances.

You have to negotiate prices directly with the sex worker, and they can vary widely depending on the services requested and the time of day.

Bear in mind that prices are not always straightforward, and there are predatory places and people who lookout for drunk or otherwise weak/inexperienced-looking men who they can overcharge and rip off.

Be very careful in these places!

Street Prostitution In Warsaw

Street prostitution IS legal in Warsaw, but so heavily frowned upon as to make it basically impossible except for the most determined and experienced punter.

Why frowned upon? The locals hate it, and the police will harass obvious prostitutes on if they find them. For the average sex worker, it’s a highly unpleasant practice..And for the average punter, a very stressful and debilitating waste of time.

If you are absolutely determined to find street hookers, you might find some around the Train station and in certain high-class hotel bars..But you need to know what you are doing.

Punters who engage in street prostitution may risk being scammed or robbed by the prostitutes or their associates because it’s such a dodgy activity.

Overall, steer clear of street prostitutes – it’s simply not worth the hassle and stress.

💃🏼Strip Clubs In Warsaw

sofia strip club warsaw

No Warsaw sex guide would be complete without a discussion about strip clubs in Warsaw. Unfortunately, the news is not good!

Scams, Dangers And Annoyances In Warsaw Strip Clubs

There ARE some strip clubs that are halfway decent or even good in Warsaw, but there are a LOT of VERY dodgy and scammy places too.

Overall, if the strip club has attractive girls outside who try to entice you into the club by flirting with you, run like hell. These places are almost certainly rip off joints.

Typical scams in these places:

  • Overcharging you massively for drinks whilst you chat with the stripper.
  • Telling you a price for the bill, showing you the bill..and then adding an extra 0 to the credit or debit card transaction.

So instead of a $60 bill, you end up paying $600 – and you WILL not get that money back.

I met some young travelling lads in a popular pub in Warsaw on a Saturday morning. One of them looked very unhappy and worried, and after chatting with them I discovered he’d been hit with an £800 bill, which he thought he paid £80 for.

The strip club workers wait until you are a little bit drunk, and then they hit you with the scam.
They are also very cute and try to present you with the bill in darkened corners, so you cannot see the display on the card machine as easily.

It seems that this is not unknown to the authorities in Warsaw either. Watch this short but shocking video which outlines the extent of the scams that operated for many years in these fake “strip clubs” in Warsaw and all over Poland:

Pay really close attention to the scams I outlined here and only go to the places you find on this list:

Legit Strip Clubs In Warsaw

sofia strip club warsaw 2
Despite the large number of dodgy strip clubs in Warsaw, there are some decent places. Here are some of them:

Look carefully at this map. Note the innocuous-looking “Foksal Strip” roughly in the centre of the map?

I know for a fact that place is a TOTAL SCAM. Note the low ratings in comparison with the other clubs – and if you ever go to Warsaw, pay attention once again to the scams I outlined above. Foksal Strip uses ALL of these scams, which is why you MUST avoid this place.

Night Club Sofia – My Personal Favourite Strip Club In Warsaw

Of all the clubs listed on this map, my personal favourite is Night Club Sofia.

  • The girls are fun and don’t harass you.
  • The drinks are a reasonable price.
  • The bouncers are not surly, and they don’t interfere with your enjoyment.
  • There are loads of strippers, and you can talk to them and have a good time.

You will NOT be able to get sex off the strippers inside the club no matter how much you pay. Unless you’re outrageously good-looking, you will also struggle to get the girls’ number to meet her for a date.

Overall, a night out in a Polish Strip club can be a lot of fun, but it is also risky if you go to the right places, and you won’t get laid from it.

❤️Find Girls For Hookup In Warsaw / Where To Find Girls For Sex Warsaw

The best place to find girls for sex in Warsaw is right in the centre. The outskirts of Warsaw are less salubrious, so you’ll find that the central areas tend to attract the best-looking Polish girls.

The 2 main methods that will work for average guys to find girls for a hookup in Warsaw are:

1: Using an online dating hookup site (Ashley Madison.Com)
2: Trying the bars and nightclubs in the centre of Warsaw

Ashley Madison is the no 1 way to find girls for sex in Warsaw because it’s inexpensive, convenient and you can contact hundreds of Polish girls in a very short space of time.

You can also use the Ashley Madison.Com app in your home country after you leave Warsaw, so you’re not wasting any money on a subscription that you don’t need.

If you do try the nightclubs to try and find girls for a hookup in Warsaw, be very careful and don’t drink too much. Polish men can become aggressive because they are very protective of Polish women, and if they see you trying to crack onto every hot girl in sight in the clubs, you’re asking for trouble.

The best way to avoid this problem is to learn the subtle flirting signs from women. My Secret Society video series will show you the way.

🎦 Warsaw Live Sex Cams

If you’re interested in live sex cams, there are plenty of options to choose from in Warsaw, and you can access them from anywhere in the world.

One of the best live cam sites to try out is Chaturbate, which offers a variety of performers and allows you to take control and direct the action. Whether you’re looking for a specific fantasy or just want to explore your desires with a beautiful woman, Chaturbate has you covered.

While signing up for Chaturbate is free, a paid membership will give you access to more features and a better chance of fulfilling your adult sex fantasies.

Try Live Sex Cam Free

😍Erotic Massage In Warsaw

shambala warsaw

Now we get to the really fun part of this Warsaw sex guide : erotic massages in Warsaw!

If you are going to engage in paid-for sex in Warsaw, erotic massages can be a good way to go about it. This is because these places are MUCH safer, legit and overt than the shadier, in-the-shadows type of sex establishments we’ve talked about so far.

How open are they about their erotic services? You simply have to search for “erotic massage Warsaw” and up pops the map with all of them listed!

All of these places are good, and I have personally tested them out. You are not at risk of being ripped off in these places, the girls are clean, and you won’t get beaten up, scammed or busted by the cops.

What’s not to love?

Two of the best massage places in Warsaw are Desert Rose and Shambala. They are both way cheaper than you would find in the UK or USA.

However, I must warn that once again you will NOT get full sex in these places – just an erotic massage and handjob. No BJ either!

🤩Sex Dating Sites And Apps In Warsaw – The No 1 Way To Get Laid!😍

I hope you can see that the sex scene in Warsaw is not as straightforward or risk-free as you may have been led to believe. There are dangers, including:

  • Being ripped off/scammed by the establishment.
  • Being busted by the police (rare).
  • Expensive
  • No clear indication of prices
  • Generally a lot of hassle and stress.

That’s why I always recommend trying sex dating apps. As I mentioned, Adult Friend Finder is the no 1 sex app by far, where an average man can actually get laid with a decent-looking girl without too much hassle or stress.

warsaw girls on dating site

Actual users on Adult Friend Finder in Warsaw

Try Adult Friend Finder Free

This sex site is NOTHING like Tinder or Bumble, where you’re outnumbered 6-1 by good-looking men. In fact, there are more women than men on AFF, and your chances of getting laid go through the roof because of it.

Also, the competition is lower because the guys on this site are totally clueless and have no game. Anyone that reads this article should be able to get laid on Adult Friend Finder, in Warsaw and indeed anywhere in the world (it’s also huge in the USA, UK Canada and the West).

Try it now for free, with a free trial account:

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