👱‍♀️How To Get Laid With Hot Girls In Prague: (2022)

meet girls in prague
Prague girls are typically quite tall, slim and with larger breasts than the girls in the UK or Western Europe.

Here is how you can meet hot Czech girls easily with minimal effort and expense. We will start with the best and easiest method: using a little-known online dating hack.

For those who don’t want to read this huge in-depth article: the best way to meet super hot girls in Prague (or any other city) is on the famous dating site Ashley Madison

There are millions of girls all over the world who are looking for an “experience” with a cool guy on this dating site.

Why does this work so well? Because girls from Prague and other Central/Eastern European cities are very keen to meet foreign men.

They think guys from the West can show them a better lifestyle and treat them better than local men.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money either. As long as you can take these beautiful Czech girls out on a date to a decent quality restaurant or bar, and perhaps go away for romantic weekends, you will meet tons of gorgeous women using this dating hack.

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Here’s a sample of girls from the site – these are real female user profiles from Prague on Ashley Madison.

prague ladies

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👸Prague Ladies: Looks and character

Prague ladies often have blonde or light brown hair, with blue or brown eyes. Czech women often have quite a narrow waist and large breasts, giving them an enviable hourglass figure, which makes them desirable to men the world over. The average Czech woman is also tall, at 168 cm, which is way above the worldwide average.

Here’s some more examples of beautiful Prague ladies from Ashley Madison.

seeking arrangement prague

Check the table below to see how Czech women compare to some of the other tallest countries on the planet.

Rank (Women)CountryHeight 1914Height 2014
4Czech Republic168.5152.8


One of the first things you’ll notice about the girls of Prague is that their mannerisms and attitudes are very different from women in the UK or USA.

For a start, Prague women are much more traditional than Western girls and though times have changed a little, the women of Prague will expect you to act “like a man” in a way that they wouldn’t in the USA. Here are some examples:

  • Buying drinks/food when you go out. Prague women will expect you to pay at all times. They will actually get offended if you expect her to pay half.
  • They don’t want to hear about your feelings or insecurities. The women of Prague expect a man to be tough and stoic. Emoting about your feeling is frowned upon by Praga girls.
  • They don’t like excessive male vanity or metrosexuality. If you’re used to worrying about what your hair looks like, stop!
  • They care less about your looks and more about your masculinity. Hence, toughen up and basically act more like a man!

🕺 Prague Nightlife For Singles

The nightlife in Prague is not as good as some other Central/Eastern European countries, mainly due to an unfavourable female/male ratio. Nevertheless, if you are going to try out Prague clubs and bars, here are some of the better ones.

You really should leave the very centre of Prague, because you won’t meet many native Cech girls there. It is absolutely RAMMED with foreigners and tourists, so if you want the real Czech experience go out towards Zone 2 and beyond.

Recommended Clubs In Prague (Zone 2, Flora)

Here’s a flavour of what you can expect when you try out Prague nightlife:

💑Top Dating Sites To Meet Czech Girls

If you want to meet hot Czech girls, online dating should be your first port of call. Although Prague is a beautiful city and it’s a pleasure to walk around, approaching girls in the daytime isn’t the easiest way to meet girls at all.

Likewise, nightclubs in Prague are often overcrowded with tourists and have a poor female/male ratio – especially in the peak tourist season from April – October.

The online dating sites listed below are perfect for any city in the world, and also have plenty of Czech girls if you happen to live in Prague. Read on to find out more.

❓What Makes These The Best Dating Sites In Prague?

Czech dating sites are very limited and only really work for Czech guys. They won’t work for men from UK, USA, Europe etc.

However, the dating sites above are huge and have beautiful female members in Prague as well as the UK, USA, Germany and other European countries.

Here are some real female dating profiles from these dating sites in Prague. You’ll find gorgeous women like this from all over the world on these dating sites.

prague ladies

The Women On These Recommend Dating Sites Are Very Attractive

Even better, the male/female ratio on these dating sites is very favourable.

Seeking Arrangement Ratio: 75% women, 25% men
Ashley Madison Ratio: 60% women, 40% men

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This is best for men 35+ looking for beautiful younger women.

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This site is best for men 18-35 looking for a hookup. Also plenty of cougars for younger men who like older women.

☀️ Meet Girls In Prague In The Daytime (Daygame)

There are some specific ways you can improve your success rate with meeting girls in Prague from a daygame approach.

First: Try using a direct opener with a specific compliment when you approach the girl.

Example : Hey! I hope you speak English…I’m Steve [use your name]. I liked the look of you so I thought I’d say hello.

(When you say this, have a good look at her and say the first thing that strikes you about her).

What you’re trying to do is get away from spam-approaching girls, by saying something specific about her that you noticed. So deliver your opener slowly, take a deep breath and really notice her when you start talking.

It’s also good to try and throw in some humour.

Remember, Czech girls in Prague are used to being approached (after all, it’s one of the most popular Daygame cities in the world), so get straight to the point.

Czech Pick Up In Prague In The Daytime

You might well see Prague chicks walking around in the daytime and wonder what to say…But still, the best option for Czech pick-up in Prague is to use the specialist sugar daddy dating site mentioned earlier in the article.

Remember there are girls from Prague and all over the world on this dating site. You should not have a problem meeting girls for a date no matter where you are from.

For your convenience, here’s the link again to sign up for the site:

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Second: Try To Arrange A Date Quickly

I’ve noticed that native Czech girls in Prague always seem to disappear at the weekend. So when you do your Daygame sessions, always try and set up a date as quickly as possible.

If you’ve only got limited time, it’s usually best to try and take her on an insta date near to where you met her. I’ve had several occasions where I’ve taken the girl home within a few hours by using this tactic.

Also, always solidify the number after you’ve taken it. Don’t just take the number then part company.

Be sociable and say something along the lines of “so what are you up to later in the week?” – “How about we go to [insert place]”

I’ve included some good date venues to take a girl from daygame approaches later in this post, so check it out if you don’t know any good places.

Third: Since Prague is often full of men pestering girls with miscalibrated daygame approaches, it’s often better to avoid the main streets during peak hours.

When you first arrive in Prague, you might notice other daygamers walking around attempting to pick up girls. They will be on the exact same streets as you.

To avoid them, peel off the Na Prikope and wander around the numerous side streets. All are beautiful and you can find some rare very hot Czech girls who try to avoid the crowds.

Head towards the old town and continue further south, exploring the stunning winding streets as you go.

old town square prague

The stunning Old Town Square In Prague

Fourth: Avoid Wenceslas Square In Prague After 4pm

Prague is a city that is filled with sex and squalor. There are numerous strip clubs, brothels and massage parlours, particularly around Wenceslas Square.

Wenceslas Square is full of aggressive Nigerian men (usually wearing a big red coat) who will try to force you into buying tickets for various strip clubs and seedy places. If you refuse, they can get quite belligerent – I’ve even seen fights break out because of their obnoxious tactics.

wenceslas square seedy nightlife

It looks beautiful, but is very seedy after about 4pm

This will destroy your mood to do daygame – so avoid this part of Prague in the afternoon.

Call Girls In Prague

There are call girls all over Prague, but the girls on Prague escort sites are nowhere near the same quality that you will see walking around in the daytime, in bars and clubs, or on the specialist dating site I recommend.

Easiest Ways To Get Laid In Prague

Here are the easiest ways to get laid in Prague with a hot native Czech girl.

  • 1. Use the dating site that I recommended (remember 4 times more women than men and free to sign up)
  • 2. Use a Prague call girl. Easy, but lower quality. Meh.
  • 3. Try meeting a Prague girl in the daytime. More on this below!
  • 🏨 Where To Meet Girls In Prague

    Na Prikope prague

    Na Prikope, Prague – Street View

    If you can afford it the absolute best place to stay to meet women in Prague with favourable logisticsis is Zone 1, near to the Palladium Mall and Na Prikope.

    As I mentioned, although this is the most popular street for picking up Czech girls and there is a reason for this.

    It’s the highest footfall area of Prague. Na Prikope leads all the way up to Wenceslas Square, and right the way back to the Palladium mall.

    This is one of the main areas to find the best looking Czech girls (and tourists) strolling around in the daytime.

    As you can tell from the photo, Na Prikope is the main shopping street and thus is perfect to do your daygame approaching and meet Czech girls.

    Not only does it have the best footfall, it is known to be a “posh” street – think of Bond Street in London as a comparison – so the girls will always be dressed their best and looking hot!

    Conclusion: If you stick to this main Daygame route, and avoid the miscalibrated Daygamers as I’ve described, your daygame session will be a lot more productive and enjoyable.

    The KEY To Success When Picking Up Czech Girls

    If you approach a girl to start a conversation, you’ll need three key ingredients if you want to take it further with the girl:

    • You need to know which kind of girls respond best to you (yes / maybe girls) – and when is the best time to approach
    • You’ll need to take the conversation onto a sexual/flirty level. There is a real skill to doing this quickly and repeatedly with every girl. I call it sexual tension
    • BEING REAL (otherwise known as authenticity). This is absolutely critical both for your own sanity and for the girl. She needs to say you are not just saying the same thing every time to every girl.

    Daygame Approaching In Prague On The Underground

    An often overlooked opportunity to meet girls using Daygame in Prague is the underground stations.

    Now, Prague is a beautiful city so I am not recommending spending all day on the underground searching for women.

    However if you do happen to use the underground, you will notice a goldmine of hot girls going about their business.

    It’s a perfect opportunity to grab their number quickly. You’ll need to create sexual tension and intrigue quickly, get their number and then arrange a meet.

    This is perfectly doable and is an excellent addition to the usual daygaming locations in Prague.

    Off The Beaten Path : Other Daygame Locations In Prague

    If you want to get away from the crowds of tourists then I’d recommend checking out the Flora area of Prague. It’s a little bit further out in Zone 4 but is very easy to get to on the tram or underground.

    Close to the main underground station you will find the Flora Shopping Mall.

    It’s not as big or as packed as the Palladium shopping mall – but you will see no other daygamers here if you really find it upsetting to your vibe to see other Daygamers approaching girls.

    flora shopping mall prague

    Get away from the crowds at the Flora Shopping Mall!

    Where To Take Dates From Your Daygame Leads In Prague

    So you’ve done your daygame approaches, got the girls number – now what?

    I’d recommend the excellent Radost FX club to meet your girls in the evening. It’s a funky but intimate vibe, low key, with excellent seating arrangements and good logistics in Zone 2.

    radost fx prague

    As you can see, it’s perfect for relaxing with a good bottle of wine, an intimate atmosphere and is not so well known amongst tourists.

    If you want to meet your daygame leads in the daytime, then check out anywhere around the area of Vinohrady in Zone 4.

    You will see none of the usual crowds, and you’ll find tons of charming pubs and restaurants where you can relax and share a good Czech beer!

    All of these locations are easily accessible on the Prague Underground.

    Best Time Of Year For Daygame In Prague

    weather prague daygame

    As you can see the weather in Prague is perfect for Daygame from April right through until October. Because it’s a central European city, Prague does not suffer from the same extremes in temperature like Moscow or Kiev.

    Please note that Prague also has a decent amount of sunlight during this timeframe too, allowing you to do your daygame approaches for at least a few hours each day.

    ❓ The Most Effective And Easy Way To Pick Up Prague Girls Is…

    Approaching girls in the daytime is really only for the brave, plus the guys that can actually get up and go to Prague – a vanishingly small number. If you’re in the UK, Europe, Northern America or Australia, the absolute best way is to use Ashley Madison as I recommended earlier.

    I promise you that if you go on a romantic holiday weekend with a girl from this part of the world (and are happy to pay for her flights, accommodation etc), you will very soon have yourself a hot new girlfriend.

    Try Ashley Madison Free


    Does Prague have red light district?

    The red light district in Prague is around the side streets of Wenceslas Square, with numerous strip clubs and brothels where you can do more than look. Be warned that these clubs often run scams on foreigners and you won’t get your money back.

    Typical scams include:

    1. Waiting until you are quite drunk and then adding an extra 0 to your next drink order
    2. If you take a girl to a private room, she will invent a reason to create a fuss. Then the security staff will come and harass you and make you withdraw money from the bank.
    3. A girl invites herself to sit with you, and orders a drink. Your drink is a normal price, but hers is 10* more expensive.

    One of the safer strip clubs in this area is Goldfingers, on the right-hand side of Wenceslas Square. This club does NOT participate in the rip off scams like the other clubs.

    goldfingers prague

    Beautiful..But dangerous

    How do you pick up girls in Prague?

    You can pick up girls in Prague in 3 ways: using online dating, during the day or in bars and clubs. Here’s a list of places to meet Prague girls during the day:

  • Na Prikope street.
  • Paladium Shopping Mall.
  • Vinohrady in Prague 2.
  • Old Town Square
  • Costa Coffee Cafes
  • On the metro
  • Atrium Flora Mall

  • The best way to meet girls using online dating is to use the specialist dating site mentioned earlier, with loads of attractive Prague girls that are keen to meet a Western man.

    Where Do Singles Meet In Prague?

    Top bars and daytime spots to meet singles in Prague:

  • Na Prikope street.
  • Paladium Shopping Mall.
  • Vinohrady in Prague 2.
  • Old Town Square.
  • Costa Coffee Cafes.
  • On the metro.
  • Atrium Flora Mall.
  • Infinty Music Club.
  • Necropolis, Velehradská 18 Prague.
  • Never Enough, 18, nám. J. z Poděbrad 1573, Vinohrady.
  • Fizz Music and cocktail bar, LUCEMBURSKÁ 15, PRAHA 3.
  • BeerGeek Bar, Vinohradská 988/62, 130 00 Žižkov.
  • What’s the best way to pick up Prague chicks?

    The best way for most guys will be to use the specialist online dating site I mentioned in this article – it not only works in Prague but all over the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and so on.

    The second best way is to use daytime approaching – but this only really works for the guys who are confident in their ability to overcome approach anxiety and confidently walk up to a girl they don’t know.

    Finally, try bars and clubs – but be warned the ratio is often appalling in Prague, plus the Zone 1 and 2 areas are full of loud, fat American and Chinese tourists.

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