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dating site free trials
If you want to join a dating site but aren’t sure which one then look no further! We’ve put together all the best dating sites free trial in one place and ranked them to assist you in your choice.

Scan our list and join as many of these dating sites as you like without spending a penny. All of the dating sites on this list offer totally free trials so you can try before you buy. You’ll also qualify for discounts of up to 40% discounts on all of the dating sites listed below when you use these links.

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🤔 What’s The Catch With These Dating Site Free Trials?

There isn’t one. However although most dating sites offer a free trial, you won’t be able to use the full functionality of the website whilst you use your free trial membership. Most dating websites use a “freemium” payment model nowadays, meaning that you get a stripped-down version of the full version when you use a trial account.

Typically this means you can do things like create a profile, upload photos, perform pre-defined interactions with girls like winking at them – but you’ll never be able to actually message the girls on the site.

Dating site free trials are intended for men who want to try before they buy, so they can assess the all-important quality and quantity of women on the site. After all, no-one wants to pay upfront for a service and then find that it’s totally useless. Hence, the free trial business model.

dating site free trials

💳 Do You Need To Use Your Credit Or Debit Card To Get A Free Trial?

Nope. All of these dating sites free trials are just that: FREE. You only need to use your banking card when you decide to upgrade.
Infact all you need to sign up to any of the dating sites on this list is a valid email address.

🆓 Can I get around paying on these dating sites? Are they totally free?

These dating sites are not totally free. It’s like most things in life: you get what you pay for. If you want quality single girls who will agree to come on a date with you, expect to pay for access to the dating site features.

The problem with totally free dating sites is they tend to attract millions of male members, who proceed to spam every single hot girl with messages.

This is why you end up with absurd male/female ratios like 6-8 / 1 – 6 men for every woman. Thus apps like Tinder and a complete exercise in futility and demoralisation for most men because your profile is lost in all the noise, and you probably won’t even get seen.

Infact there is compelling evidence that the algorithm works against you on most dating apps and only the most desirable men ever get seen. You could literally swipe every girl in a 100 mile radius and get only 1 or 2 sub-standard matches.

A total waste of time unless you’re SUPER good looking (and I mean male-model tier)

tinder chad

Forget about using Tinder unless you look like this

❓ How Do I Activate My Free Trial?

It’s very simple. Use the links on this page – just click the dating site free trial that you want using the table below (added again for your convenience). Then enter your email at the sign up page, and away you go.

There are no special coupon codes or reduction links. Since I talk to most of these dating sites regularly, they have agreed to provide you with the best offer that you’ll find anywhere on the internet for these dating sites.

Depending on the time of year and market conditions, these dating sites offer reduced-price membership options using the links on this page – so it’s worth signing up if you don’t want to pay the full membership price.

Simply Sign Up For Your Dating Site Free Trial Using The Links Below

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😮 Why Seeking Arrangement The No 1 Dating Site Free Trial

Based on the data and feedback from lots of other men that have tried online dating.

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world, but it doesn’t make our top 7 list of the best free trials (though Tinder does have its own version of a free trial account). So why doesn’t it make the list?

Because Tinder is not worth it for most men.

The dating sites you see on this list of free trials all work well for men regardless of their age and appearance. Moreover, they all have an excellent male/female ratio.

The criteria I’ve used to assess whether a dating site is legit is based on four criteria:

  • How many hot girls are on the dating site?
  • What is the male/female ratio?
  • Will the girls date an average looking man?
  • Do the girls all want money?
  • It just happens that Seeking Arrangement is no 1 because it scores highly on the 4 most important criteria for a dating website.

    👏🏻 Get Your Dating Site Free Trials Now!

    Remember that you can get special offers using these free trials. Use any of these links now and you’ll be meeting hot girls for dates within minutes.

  • Seeking Arrangement
  • Ashley Madison
  • Adult Friend Finder
  • Secret Benefits
  • Luxury Date
  • Millionaire Love

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