🗺️City Guide Dating Secrets: How to Get Laid Worldwide

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If you’re looking for city guide dating sites and tips, with key information about meeting women anywhere in the world then look no further.

Here you’ll learn about the best dating sites and tips to get laid in cities all over the world – quickly, cheaply and easily.

🏙Featured City Dating Guides

Here are some dating guides for each city which I think you’ll like. They show you the kind of data and format to expect so you can work out if the information is useful to you.

💑City Guide Dating Sites: Worlds Top 3 Dating Sites To Get Laid

❓Why Are These The Top Dating Sites In Any City?

Here’s the thing: if you want to find the best dating site for any city in the world, you need to choose sites with a worldwide footprint..

And gorgeous girls from the major cities.

The top 3 sites we’ve listed have huge advantages over the other mainstream sites.

1: They all have enormous membership bases and great member demographics. All 3 of these dating sites have more women than men.
2: They have women from all over the world.
3: The women on these dating sites all speak English!

❓Dating Sites Lowdown:

Adult Friend Finder (Join Free Using This Link)

World’s no 1 dating site with girls from all over the world. Pure hookup site.
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  • Number Of Members: Approx 60 million
  • Member Demographics: 60% women, 40% men
  • Key Features: If you’re a man aged 18-35 who only wants casual sex, Adult Friend Finder is perfect for you.
  • Seeking Arrangement (Join Free Using This Link)

    Perfect site for men over 35 who still love beautiful younger women.

    best sugar daddy sites

  • Number Of Members: Approx 35 million
  • Member Demographics: 75% women, 25% men
  • Key Features: If you’re a man over 35 who loves beautiful young women, this site is for you. Be prepared to spend some money on dates, romantic weekends away and the occasional gift for your girl!
  • Ashley Madison (Join Free Using This Link)

    Best site for men aged 18-35 looking for cougars. Has plenty of women from cities all over the world.

    ashley madison free trial

  • Number Of Members: Approx 15 million
  • Member Demographics: 60% women, 40% men
  • Key Features: If you’re a younger guy aged 18-35 and you love older women, this site will work well for you. It’s still probably not quite as good as Adult Friend Finder, but a good 2nd bet.
  • World Dating Guides

    You’ll find that there are plenty of city dating guides for anywhere in the world on this site. If you want a quick overview of the 20 best cities in the world to get laid, check out my list of the top 20 list.

    How To Use These City Dating Guides

    The best use for these dating guides is either (i) to “pipeline” girls before you travel to the city in question or (ii) so you can figure out the best way to meet women in the city that you happen to be in at the time.

    Pipelining Girls

    This is where you use online dating to initiate conversations with girls before you get to the city to take the pressure off having to rustle up leads when you actually arrive. It’s especially useful if you have limited time in the city you’re travelling to.

    Meeting Girls In The City Itself

    Use these city dating guides to work out where to do daygame, which bars to go to and (most likely for most guys) which dating sites to use to pick up hot girls without even leaving the house!

    Basic Guidelines To Meet Hot Girls In Every City

    As I mentioned, I’ve been travelling for many years and there are some basic rules of thumb that stand true in virtually every city I’ve been to.

    Choose The Right Online Dating Site

    Online dating can be a total ego-crushing, soul-destroying nightmare, or it can open up opportunities with hot girls that you never thought possible!

    I’ve found that since about 2019 Tinder has become increasingly useless for guys, and I’ve consistently recommended to use sugar dating sites instead. Right now these are the top dating sites I recommend. You can set up a free trial account in each one within 2 minutes.

    These dating sites are especially useful if you live anywhere in the West and you’re over 35. Why? Because the dating sites listed have tons of attractive women in the Western cities, less so in Eastern Europe (though they work great there too). Every guy over 30 needs to seriously move away from Tinder: it’s a complete waste of time for about 95 – 99% of men.

    I highly recommend that you join the top dating sites in this table by taking advantage of the free trial account: it will make your quest to meet women in any city much easier and less emotionally draining.

    Daygame: Best Locations

    Each city dating guide contains information on the best daygame spots, but there are some go-to parts of any city that will always have a high concentration of hot women.

    Anywhere near and around universities. Lots of young women, bound to be some hotties.
    The main shopping street or street (or high street). These places always have attractive young women walking around.
    The posh areas of the city. You will always find attractive women where there are men with money.
    Coffee shops anywhere near the city centre. Easy to do a low-key approach and have a chat.
    PRO TIP: Underground stations. I know, I know. But especially in Eastern Europe and London you will ALWAYS see tons of hot women on the underground.

    How do you approach a girl on the Underground? Look no further: here’s a demonstration video of me approaching an American girl at Oxford Circus underground in London. I didn’t get her, but you don’t win them all…

    Incidentally, if you want a full breakdown of a rejection-free method on how to approach women to turn them on, get in intrigued and keen to meet you again, check out my dating products. I’ve spent years approaching women all over the world with quite a lot of success – and these will really help you to dial in your approaches and your game!

    Primal Seduction: Fix your “inner game”, so you naturally radiate confidence when you talk to women.
    Secret Society: How to approach women without getting rejected using my forced IOI technique. How to attract and intrigue her by creating sexual tension.

    Bars And Clubs In Each City

    Clubs and bars can go in and out of fashion quickly, so any city guide you read can quickly become obsolete. When it comes to bars and clubs, local knowledge is the best.
    Your best bet is to take a walk around the city centre after 10 or 11 pm and spot the clubs with the best looking women in the queue. If you’re using Airbnb, the host will also tell you what is the most happening place right now.

    Alternatively, go out in the daytime, sit in the sun and strike up a conversation with the barman / barlady about the best places to go out to meet women. They are often really keen to show off their city, so they will be happy to tell you about the best places to go to meet women.

    Enjoy these city dating guides and go forth to meet hot women all around the world!