Thaiand Sex Tourism : Pain And Longing In The Land Of Smiles

bar district bangkok thailand

Voyeur Thailand Street Videos On Youtube There’s a fascinating subculture of voyeur street videos on Youtube in places like Thailand, Phillipines, Colombia etc. You can log on to Youtube and watch hours of footage of the street scene in the various parts of these tourist magnets. And when you do, a fascinating subculture emerges which … Read more

Joe Rogan : Strong Sigma + Alpha Male Character

joe rogan sigma alpha male

There’s currently a swirling vortex of controversy and attention directed at Joe Rogan and other well known internet / media figures about his interview with Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter. You’re probably already aware of what it’s about, but to summarise the facts – Joe Rogan interviewed Dorsey on his podcast recently, and an enormous … Read more

Young Girls Are Easier

young girls easier

A pattern I’ve noticed over the years is that much younger girls (in the 17-21 year old range) are actually EASIER than girls who are 21+ I’ve never focussed exclusively on this age range – I find plenty of women 24-28 much more attractive in fact – but the patterns I’ve spotted recently made me … Read more

The Sexual Marketplace Is Tough : What To Do About It

sexual marketplace

What Is The Sexual Marketplace? The sexual marketplace is the total number of men and women in a given geographical area who are open to dating, sex, a relationship or marriage. A man or a woman can withdraw from the sexual marketplace by partnering up, or simply losing interest and not bothering to pursue a … Read more