Sigma Male In Movies

sicario alejandro

There are many examples of Sigma Males in movies – it’s just that no one has ever recognised them for what they are before. Here I’ll pull out a few notable contemporay examples that you should all recognise and point out why they show all the hallmarks of a Sigma Male. Sicario – Alejandro Alejandro … Read more

Dominance In Pick Up

dominance pick up

Dominance is often associated with negative qualities of power and control, which leads some people to automatically assume that their understanding of ‘dominance’ the word is the correct interpretation. This is incorrect in most cases because of a simple quirk of understanding – dominance does not require an opposing element to work. By this, we … Read more

The Sigma Male Lone Wolf

sigma male lone wolf

I’m an introverted man. Throughout my life I’ve always been happiest and most relaxed when by myself, be it reading or just walking around town lost in thought. You can imagine that when I first became interested in the Seduction Community that this introversion was a problem. I could do nightclubs – no one better … Read more

My Infield Pick Up Videos

infield pick up videos steve jabba

If you’ve come to this site to learn all about how to attract women, it’s only fair that you ask “where is your proof Steve?”. After all, the dating industry is shady and full of charlatans who have no direct experience of actually approaching beautiful women in their own lives. So, here are a few … Read more