Daygame Virgin VS Sigma CHAD!

Introduction In this lighthearted video we’re going to compare the differences between the average daygamer vs the sigma male, with a focus on women and dating. Why is it that the average sigma gets hotter women with less effort vs that average daygamer? What lessons can we learn? And a note to Daygamers: please don’t … Read more

The Love Bubble

My Book Primal Seduction And Video Series The Secret Society: Primal Seduction: Secret Society: What is the love bubble? The love bubble is a term that I invented around 2013 I think. It’s a little known but incredibly powerful Natural Game technique that is used to form a hyper close connection with a … Read more

Sigma Males And Relationships

Sigma Males are typically drawn to authentic, meaningful, loyal replationships whilst eschewing transient, transactional or shallow relationships. Put simply, Sigmas do not tend to want fair weather friends. Some of you continue to misunderstand what a Sigma Male actually is. Maybe you’ve been reading or listening to other sources that don’t actually understand what they … Read more