👎Tinder in 2023: Worth It or a Massive Waste?

is tinder worth it

If you’re considering signing up to Tinder, you’re probably asking yourself “is tinder worth it” – especially now in 2023, with so many alternative dating sites and apps out there. After thorough research and investigation, it is clear that Tinder is not worth it in 2023. The 3 main reasons are: the awful female/male ratio, … Read more

No Likes On Tinder? Try This Simple Trick (2023)

no tinder likes

So you’re getting no likes on Tinder? Don’t worry – this is normal, and we’re going to discuss the reasons why. You will see that it’s not your fault – the system is rigged against you.. But there is a MUCH better way. Let’s get started. Why Don’t I Get Likes On Tinder? The No … Read more