Let’s talk about how I can help you!

Most of you reading this website probably haven’t approached many women yet.

That’s just the way it is, and I understand.

Approaching women can be tough, I have admitted this. Perhaps you are simply too busy with work. Or you cannot summon the emotional energy required to do the approaching.

Perhaps you fear rejection too much. Or you’re paralysed by approach anxiety.

Or maybe you’re just a lazy fucker!

I get it.

The question then becomes : do you get anything out of reading my website and buying my products, even if you don’t approach?

The answer has to be a resounding yes. I can tell you that my traffic stats are exploding week on week and I am building a sizable audience. More products are being sold.

So, how can reading this site and buying my products help if you’re not approaching?

Well, it’s like osmosis. I’ve said repeatedly that 70-80% of success with women comes down to mindset (I’m assuming you’ve fixed your fundamentals first).

By reading this site, you’ll get a taste of my mindset, which can eventually percolate through to you and lead to more success with women.

The best way to download this is obviously to buy my products – where it is laid out step by step with action plans etc.

The second best way is to read this site, I guess.

You see, even if you’re NOT approaching women….You undoubtedly still meet women somehow. Maybe at a party, or work event.

This is where the right mindset comes into play. Every time you talk with a woman…You need to have an idea of what they like, what they want, how to act, how to flirt, etc.

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So don’t think for a moment that because you’re not approaching there is no point in buying my products. They can still help, because you’ll be able to quickly download the right mindset and beliefs.

So that when you do meet a woman…You’ll at least know what the hell to do, with a higher chance of actually bonking her.

My products are laid out step by step with action plans, bullet points, charts, stories…Everything and anything to get that damn information into your head quick smart!

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So check out my special offer – it’s a good deal. Even if you’re not approaching women right now.

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