People are naturally curious about Sigma Males. They are so elusive and hard to get to know yet they seem to have a lifestyle that is so different to most other peoples – free and wild and without constraint. So the natural question is : Is it possible to become a Sigma Male – or are you born as one?

If you’ve seen my related video “how to be a Sigma Male”, you’ll know which side of the question I fall on. It IS possible to develop Sigma traits, but some people have more of a leaning towards Sigma traits than others.

Put another way – some people will naturally gravitate towards a Sigma lifestyle , whereas others will have to refine some of their character traits to work towards it.

Here’s what you can do to begin this process of building the Sigma Mindset and Lifestlye.

Sigma Lite Missions

I’ve mentioned the concept of “Sigma Lite” missions elsewhere in the Sigma Male series, but let’s drill down on it here. A Sigma Lite mission is an attempt to engineer a facsimilie of a Sigma Lifestyle with your current financial, social and geographihc limitations. It’s the first step towards total freedom and a full Sigma Life.

Sigma Lite missions can be instrumental in moving you towards a full Sigma Lifestlyle (for those who are so inclined) – but they do this in baby steps and builds you gradually towards it. It;s very tough to suddenly go full Sigma without any previous experience of what this entails in reality, so the Sigma Lite missions give you an inkling of what to expect.

I first began my Sigma Lite missions when I was about 17 years old (I am 43 now). I grew up in a small village in the West Midlands, and found very quickly that I became frustrated at the limitations this presented to me. Specifically (in order of importance)

sigma mindset

My Hometown

1: Not enough hot girls for my racing hormones as a 17 year old boy.
2: The parochial attitude and mindset of small village life.

It wasn’t enough for me. So, every Friday night I’d take the train to the nearest big city – starting off with Wolverhampton and then Birmingham, and hunt I’d girls).

I’d suggest that you can do the same. Regardless of your current situation, doing Sigma Lite missions will begin the process of building the independance and adventurous mindset that you need to survive as a Sigma Male.

If you’re in a big city like London or New York, book accomodation away from your zone and stay for a weekend.
If you’re in a small village like I was, head to your nearest town or city and do the same.

When you get there, start approaching women – in the daytime, in bars, coffee shops and nightclubs.

The reason I say start with approaching women is twofold.

Number 1 : I suspect the majority of you listening to this podcast are looking to gain more success with women. This is a very good way to start getting the success you want. For now, forget all the questions you have about the HOW of this. I’ve answered them elsewhere, and I’ll point out some resources for you later on in this video.

Number 2 : Is for a less obvious reason. In my case, my desire to pull hot women that has been an active interest since I was 15 years old has led me down the route of becoming a fully independant, actualised masculine man who is master of his own destiny and powerfully attractive to women. It was the fuel which was a constant source of inspiration, guidance and motivation to continue slamming on with my growth as a man, even when times got very tough indeed.

Everyone needs some inspiration and motivation. I’d suggest that connecting with your natural instincts to find the best possible mate for yourself can serve as one for you, though there are others.

Some of you may be in a job which you find stultifyingly boring and depressing.
Some of you may just want to see more of the world.
Yet others of you may just have an instinctive yearning for freedom, though you may not know how to get there.

I’ve found that pursuing women on these Sigma Lite missions acts as a PORTAL to solving all of these problems.

Here’s how:

Overcoming your limitations.

When you do your first Sigma Lite mission, you’ll get a taste of what freedom is like.

The act of going to a new place where no one knows you and doggedly pursuing your goals is profoundly liberating. In your day to day life, there are all sorts of limitations that you face:

In your workplace you have a boss who directly controls your time, decision making and scope of work.
People who know you know your history and patterns of behaviour.

Established social circles have a kind of inertia : if you begin to change, some people will resent it (largely because of their own insecurities). Not helpful when you’re trying to become a better man.

None of these apply when you go to a new place where no one knows you. You can pursue your goals with no fear of social or professional repurcussions and without judgement.

Motivation and a goal to work towards

When you do your first Sigma Lite mission, you’ll begin to see the potential of this kind of lifestyle. Despite the difficulties (and there are many), it will appeal to a great number of you.

Eventually the Sigma lite lifestyle won’t be enough. You’ll begin to resent the constraints of your day to day life, and you’ll want to build fully autonomous Sigma lifestyle.

This desire starts to switch on all the areas of your brain to solving the large number of logistical, financial and social difficulties of becoming a fully fledged sigma male.

sigma mindset

Sigma Male

Remember that society in the West is not geared towards independance and thinking for yourself. The system depends on a swarming mass of beta males to support the burgeoning demands of a large and powerful Government and all that entails.

Recall the sexual marketplace hierarchy.

sigma mindset

Socio sexual hierarchy

In the same way that Sigma Males are removed from the hierarchy, a fully fledged Sigma Male is also removed from the societal hierarchy to a large degree. In practice this means that you can pick and choose where you want to live, who you want to be with, who your social circle is, and which Government is goign to get a slice of your income!

Solving this problem and untangling yourself from every constraint and power centre is a difficult challenge.

You’re going to need to undo a lifetime of societal programming that says it’s better to seek stable employment.

You’re going to have to develop powers of self reliance you never had before. There’s no such thing as a day off when you are trying to build a source of income for yourself that doesn’t rely on trading your time for money (i.e. a job).

You’re going to have to face discomfort, financial difficulty, rejection from women, lonliness and alienation in a city you don’t know where you are totally alone.

These are just some of the problems – there are many more.

But in my view it’s worth it. As I’ve said before, anyone with half a brain will be able to see that there’s a storm coming. The old ways of life, with financial and social ease of life are eroding day by day. For anyone under 65 with something about them, there is a better way of life abroad rather than the West.

This simple exercise of spending your weekends away is the start of something much bigger, more profound and life changing. Don’t for a second think that approaching women in a new city is where it ends. It’s just the beginning.

The Sigma Lite mission is the route I suggest to become sef reliant, think for yourself and build a freer, better life.. It will build independance, strength of mind and uncover powers of resourcefullness that you never knew you had.

I’ve known guys who were very successful with women – I’m talking about having slept with more than 200 by the age of 26. But when they try going to a nightclub alone, even in a city they know – they struggle. I’ve even had feedback that “this was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done” – from a guy who was in the UK Navy and had seen action all around the world.

But despite the difficulty, there’s nothing like relying totally on yourself and meeting a beautiful girl who you’ve never seen before in your life totally through your own efforts.

When you build the courage to do this, it spreads to other areas of your lfie and you can begin to tackle the much bigger problems of building a fully independant Sigma life.

TO make this work, you’ll need to drop any hint of resentment towards women. You’ll need to rediscover your love for women and use it to propel you forward. Start with the Sigma Lite missions and in a years time you never know…

I might see you in a foreign city in Eastern Europe as a fully fledged independant Sigma Male.