Now here’s an excerpt from my good friend Nick Krauser’s Outlaw daygame series on Youtube. The subject under discussion here is Brain Fry.

Nick talks in this video about how he began thinking about this by observing me over the years and noticing that I seem to be able to make girls “spazz out” very quickly, and get turned on at light speed.

So let me first of all thank Nick for crediting this to me. It’s a very powerful concept so I am glad he’s done that.

Watch the excerpt and I’ll talk a little more about it after.

Sounds pretty cool eh?

In this example, Brain fry was a symptom of covert sexual escalation. In the example Nick talks about, this is exactly what was going on.

When you think of sexual escalation, you normally think of touching the girl, or even verbalising your intent.

Whilst these are very important and necessary, there’s a deeper layer of escalation that is under the surface using the most covert of techniques that are hard to detect – but the girl will recognise them instantly.

Let’s take the example Nick referenced in the video and I’ll expand on it to explain – because I actually remember what happened here (because we discussed it at length).

So I walked into the shop and noticed the girl behind the counter. Now even before I walked into the store, I looked at her through the window and noticed she looked quite hot. So, I slightly increased my energy through my body before I entered the store.

This basically means I lowered my head slightly, adopted a more “badass” walk – swung my shoulders more and slightly tensed my back.

Have you ever heard other guys talking about the “player walk”? Well, I have about 6-8 versions which I use try and attract attention to myself, and in this instance she looked through the window and saw me approaching.

The second thing I did was lock eyes with her and very slightly forced an IOI. In this case, a stern head nod – the kind of nod you might give to a man who you don’t really like, who you might have had conflict with before. The difference is, I also had a slight smirk on my face as I did it – but also with a tight face.

As I walked in I made sure that I made sure that I locked eyes with her and her alone (there was more than 1 server at the place), and said “Hello”, with a quick nod.

If I remember correctly I then stood stock still for a few seconds and just stared at her, and looked her up and down.

Now this is one example of brain fry – you can probably tell here that the key is DOMINANCE.

There are other ways of doing it. Nick doens’t mention it in the video, but he referenced that I do it all the time – so here’s another few things that I do:

One is to prowl like a Tiger. There’s a long section in Primal Seduction where I talk through Nightclub game with the specific example of this girl (oops where did that come from) – I remember clearly on that night I was in a great state and feeling very dominant.

I’d entered what’s known as the vortex – where you ping and receive IOI’s, your state increases, and you become like a force of nature – you feel unstoppable and every girl in the place notices you.

I tried forcing an IOI a few times, but she wasn’t particularly responsive – but she was very covertly peeping at me out of the corner of her eye. So, I built the vortex by roaming around the club, having a few short interactions, built my sexual state..Then I pounced on her.

Prowling like a tiger basically invovles standing right in front of her, locking eyes with her – if she looks away you move to one side so that she cannot help but notice you.

It sounds retarded I know, but it’s another form of dominance that girls respond well to. If you want to visualise it, check this scene out from Star Wars of all places) – the concept is the same.

Now please don’t think it has to be as overt and extreme as this. One of the frustrations I have with Youtube videos is a certain proportion of guys want to see big expressive movements, shcoking things, extreme reactions. They think this is “good game”, because they don’t know any better.

Real life pickup doesn’t work like that. It’s often incredibly subtle – this is why it’s called the Secret Society. In real life I do what actually works by sensing where the girl is and doing what I need to do.

Well, there’s a couple more examples and some expansion. The concepts that relate to brain fry are covered in full detail in Primal Seduction and Secret Society, plus a ton more other stuff.