What Is A Gamma Male?

The two principal characteristics of a Gamma Male are 1: Gammas are by and large sexual rejects. They are usually intelligent but unsuccessful with women, and alternate between pedestalising a particular girl and pathlogical hatred of the entire female sex.

2: They are fundamentally dishonest , both to themselves and others. They lie to themselves all the time and create a distorted reality bubble, which they protect at all costs.

They tend to be introspective, and they brood and obsess over slights, insults and the unfairness of the dating world.

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How I First Encountered Gamma Males

In my most recent video on Youtube, I talked about the inane comments I have to manage on my channel that are along the lines of: ” A true Sigma wouldn’t bother with women, just take a woman if she comes, chasing women is dumb, etc.”

If you haven’t watched it please do, I describe how a Sigma still has to put himself in front of women in more detail.

More recently I’m getting a lot of shrieking comments to the effect that “you’re not an Sigma Male, sorry bro. You’re obviously xyz because of (spurious reason).

Thinking about this a little more, it’s blindingly obvious that these comments are from Gammas.

I’ve written this post because you will encounter Gammas in your life, and they are absolutely toxic – so you need to learn to handle them effectively (if possible, avoid them entirely and have nothing to do with them).

Further, if you are a Gamma yourself and in your better moments you are prepared to work on it, you might be able to improve your dating success if you at least recognise the problem.

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Gamma Male Archetype : All You Need To Know

For the 95% of guys listening who ARE interested in women and DO want to improve, pay no attention to these kind of comments if you see them on my channel or others, or if you encounter guys like this in real life.

Understand where the comments are coming from and the motivation of the guy making them.

Funny Example Of Gamma Males

By understanding more about Gamma Males, you’ll be able to spot them in the wild, and zone out their attempts to drag you down to their level.

Sometimes it’s better to show by illustration. Here’s a clip from a video which circulated years ago on the manosphere. I find it rather incredible..You’ll see what I mean.. I will not say any more…Except Spot The Gamma.

The Origin Of Gamma Males

Before I carry on, let me give credit where it’s due. The terms Gamma and Sigma were invented by a guy called Vox Day years ago. His early work was to classify the socio sexual hierarchy and describe the kind of behaviours you’ll see each archetype exhibiting.

My book Primal Seduction came later (in 2013), and is the blueprint of a sexually successful Sigma male i.e. me!. In the book, I describe the universally attractive masculine behaviours of a naturally attractive man, and tell you how to acquire them.

Because I’ve lived as a Sigma for decades and have worked hard on accruing the mindset and beliefs of a Sigma who sits right at the top of the sexual totem pole, I’ve been able to break it down in painstaking detail.

Now, before I get onto Gamma Males, let’s first refresh our understanding of what a Sigma Male actually is.

In the socio sexual context, A Sigma is a guy who doesn’t play by the dating rules at all, is highly internally referenced, yet still manages to attract the top tier women with regularity (as an Alpha male does). Fundamentally, a Sigma Male WINS THE DATING GAME.

In order to win it, the Sigma still has to play the game. This means that to attract the best quality, they will need to put themselves in front of women in some form (usually by approaching, since most Sigmas have little interest in managing static social groups).

They will need to know how to attract women, escalate etc. In other words they will need their own form of game.

Sigma Males do not acknowledge the hierarchy or an Alpha Males place in it. Though Alphas and Sigmas can get on, Alpha males can find Sigma Males infuriating because they are the only men who don’t acknowledge the Alpha’s social dominance, nor do they admire it.

Fundamentally they have no interest in the Alpha Males position of dominance in the social hierarchy because they have no need of the hierarchy in the first place. It’s irrelevant to them.

The key point here is that the Sigmas are right at the top of the sexual totem pole. If I had to speculate I’d say the average Sigma will sleep with at least as many tier 1 women in his lifetime as an Alpha male, if he so desires.

In the real world, in reality, if a guy can successfully pick up women then by and large he’s going to act on it, which is why you get some men with terifically high lay counts. Sigma Males will be amongst those men with these abnormally high notch counts – at least 4* the average man. Some top tier Sigmas will have counts in the several hundreds by their 40s.

Again : the key point is the Sigma WINS at the dating game, IN REALITY, IN THE REAL WORLD, BY SLEEPING WITH HOT WOMEN. It’s an observable, real world trait of successful Sigma males.

If you want to learn the process I went through to become a successful Sigma male, travelling to foreign countries alone to meet the local women for dating and relationships, check out my book Primal Seduction and Secret Society.

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Now, when I get comments to the effect of Sigmas don’t need to make any effort with women, I am not a Sigma becauase I approach women, etc, it is very obviously written by a Gamma. So what is a Gamma Male?

As time goes on, I’m getting better and better at spotting Gamma male comments. The reason is, they tend to exhibit the same behavioural traits again and again.

Gamma Male Repeatable, Observable Behaviour And Traits

From my online research into gamma Males, let me tell you what I’ve found about their observable behaviour, so you can more easily spot it yourself when you encounter it either online or in the real world.

Gammas tend to be very solipsitic in their thinking, and interpret their experiences through a prism of what does this mean TO ME. So, if you make a video that threatens their view of how dating success in the real world works, they will take it as a personal attack.

They will watch a video like mine about concepts like Sigma male traits, sexual hierarchies and assume that since it doesn’t gel with their personal experience, that it’s not possible that it happens anywhere in the world at any time. Again, if it doesn’t happen to ME, it doesn’t happen anywhere.

Gammas also they assume they are the centre of the universe. If it’s in MY interests, it’s in the COMMON interest and everyone should want what I want and has the same needs , motivations and desires as me.

Finally, you should not engage and argue with Gammas. They share the same characteristic with women that they don’t recognise evidence or real world proof, and if any is forthcoming they will shift the goalposts of the argument, attack you personally or commit any number of sophist tricks to avoid conceding they are wrong.

This leads us nicely onto the second key trait of Gammas. They have the Secret King Delusion (Credit : Nick Krauser) They secretly believe they are superior to everyone else, and though the real world gives them the opposite feedback.

It’s always someone else’s fault. Everyone else is stupid, but they are wiser, smarter , more moral and superior to everyone else. One day, the world will recognise this and they will be justly rewarded.

Gamma Male Comments On My Youtube Channel

I get different kinds of comments on my channel from Gammas. The first kind is striking in it’s viciousness, bitterness and anger. I’ve been told to “fuck off and die”, that I am scum, etc etc.

The other is either ankle biting, concern trolling or subtle attempts to misinform, mislead and mischaracterise what I say in the videos. The intention is twofold:

1: To snipe at me, attempt to prove me wrong or “catch me out”, usually by mischaracterising something I’ve said, missing an obviouslogical inference of basic points that I make, etc.
2: To position themselves above me.

Whilst annoying, these do not bother me too much. I actually find it a little sad that someone has such a sad life that they feel the need to leave these kind of comments on my well intentioned videos.

Where I really have a problem is that the main reason these guys turn up and leave these comments is they are trying to drag other men down to their level.

They want to turn well intentioned, good men away from improving their dating lives because they themselves are sexual rejects. Misery loves company, crabs in a jar, etc.

In conclusion: If you can honestly sit back, deal with reality for a short while at least and you recognise Gamma qualities in yourself, now might be the time to make a change.

If you’re one of the majority of guys who is just looking for answers to improve his dating life, stick around and check out what I have to say.