Top 6 Sugar Daddy Sites For Men RANKED! (2022)

So you’re looking to find the best sugar daddy sites in 2022 and you need some guidance..Look no further!

In this article, we’re going in-depth on the best sugar daddy sites to find attractive sugar babies that won’t cost a fortune.

I’ll point out how to meet sugar babies quickly, easily, and without getting scammed.

1.Seeking Arrangement (Sign Up Free Here)

Overall rating: 9.3

Best Features: Huge community, excellent female / male ratio, gorgeous women

Average Membership Price: $90 Per Month

seeking arrangement sugar daddy site

Seeking Arrangement is the number 1 sugar daddy site for men for several key reasons:

  • Sugar babies outnumber sugar daddies by at least 4 to 1 in most 1st world countries. So you’ll always be able to get dates with really attractive younger women
  • It has the largest community of any sugar daddy site by far – over 40 million in countries all over the world. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll always be able to find a sugar baby to talk to.
  • You can find plenty of “normal girls” on Seeking Arrangement Only about 30% of girls on the site are looking for a strictly financial “arrangement”. The CEO Brandon Wade even recently married a girl that he met on the site.
  • Competition from other men is low. You can stand out from other men on this site with some basic knowledge of game.
  • The average beauty level of girls on this site is incredible – about a 7.5 or 8 / 10. (See example profiles below)
  • You can create a free trial account and test out Seeking Arrangement in your area for FREE!
  • meet girls in london

    Example sugar baby profiles in London
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    So what can you expect if you sign up to Seeking Arrangement? I recount my Seeking Arrangement experience using the site over a 10 year span in the video below:

    Let’s delve into some more reasons why you should consider the top sugar daddy site of 2022:

    Normal Dating App (Tinder, OK Cupid)This Sugar Dating Site
    Judge solely on looksValue men with intelligence and a good job
    Judge 80% of men as "below average"Don't care about your looks. Will still date you
    Progressive attitude, less feminineMore traditional, expect a man to be a man
    Average rating 6 or below. Often overweightAverage rating 8 or above. No fatties
    6 Times more men than women. Women are the prize5 times more women than men. YOU are the prize

    1: The girls don’t just judge you solely on looks.

    If you check out the Seeking Arrangement blog, you’ll notice that the CEO talks about his frustrations with most dating sites, namely that all the girls are mostly interested in looks. On Seeking Arrangement, the girls value you more for your character and accomplishments – so you can stand out even if you’re not the best looking guy.

    2. Judge 80% of men as “below average”

    OkCupid did a now-famous study on female perception of male attractiveness on the site, and they found that on average women found 80% of men as below average! Despite the fact this is mathematically impossible due to binomial probability distribution in a population, it goes to show that women are incredibly harsh judges on sites like OKCupid.

    Why put up with that when you can meet far more beautiful girls who won’t immediately rule you out on Seeking Arrangement?

    3. Progressive attitude. Less feminine

    The vast majority of girls I’ve ever spoken to on Seeking Arrangement lean to the right politically and tend to favour a more traditional kind of relationship. Put simply, if you want to meet a trad conservative girl, Seeking Arrangement is the place to do it.

    4. Average rating 6 or below. Often overweight.

    This is one of the key value propositions of Seeking Arrangement. It’s debilitating to have to scroll through fattie after fattie on most dating sites to find the 1 slim attractive girl in your local area.

    You’ll never have to endure this again if you sign up to this sugar dating site. Virtually ALL of the girls are hot!

    5. 4- 5 * more women than men.

    The problem with most dating sites is the appalling gender imbalance, which leads girls to build an inflated sense of their own worth. This is why your messages get ignored and women think they are above you on most other dating sites.

    When you join Seeking Arrangement, YOU are in charge because you’re the one in demand. It’s a very refreshing change from what you have experienced in the past on more vanilla dating sites.

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    2.Secret Benefits

    Overall rating: 8.9

    Best Features: Growing community, good female/male ratio, good looking women

    Average Membership Price: $90 Per Month

    secret benefits free trial

    Secret Benefits is no 2 on the list of best sugar daddy sites for men for a few key reasons:

  • The company has poured a lot of marketing dollars into the site, so it’s growing fast, with a rapidly growing pool of sugar babies
  • It’s easy and intuitive to use
  • There are at least 1.5 women for every man on the site.
  • It’s a good looking site that is easy to use, but has nowhere near the enormous community that Seeking enjoys.
  • Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an alternative to Seeking Arrangement, Secret Benefits stacks up as a worthwhile sugar dating site to consider.

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    3.Ashley Madison

    Overall rating: 8.5

    Best Features: 2nd largest community, adventurous women, no beating around the bush

    Average Membership Price: $100 Per Month

    ashley madison free trial

    Ashley Madison makes it to our number 3 spot of the best sugar daddy sites because:

  • It’s a great place to find straightforward hookups with girls who know what they want
  • The ratio of women/men is healthy – at least 50 / 50
  • A rapidly growing userbase and no bots of fake profiles
  • Since the bad old days when Ashely Madison suffered a catastrophic data breach, and subsequent revelations that most of the female userbase was bots, the site has gone from strength to strength. They’ve gone to great pains to clean up the site, strengthen their security procedures and weed out all the female bot users. As a result, they now rank highly on the list of top sugar daddy sites in 2022.
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    Overall rating: 8.0

    Best Features: The same brand as Seeking so legit, you WILL get a date, hot women

    Average Membership Price: $150 average for a date


    Best for: Guys who want to guarantee a date
    Worst for: Guys who are looking for a relationship. Normal guys with social skills. Guys who want to have sex with a girl they meet.

    Whats your is another sugar daddy site by the same company that runs Seeking Arrangement, so it’s a trustworthy site that doesn’t use the same shady tactics that some other sugar daddy sites use.

    On, the male members bid a sum of money for a date with the girl(s) they like the look of. It immediately takes any kind of pretence out of the equation and ensures that you will at least get a date.

    Here are some statistics from Whats Your Price, taken directly from the website:

    – 4,000,000+ Members on WhatsYourPrice – so you know that you will have ample women to choose from.
    – 7,500,000+ Bids on first dates – so the site is well established, both men and women know how it works.
    – $125 Average first date incentive – not actually all that expensive at all.

    Here are some things you might want to consider with this model:

    1: Does the girl really like you for who you are? I can imagine a lot of clueless lazy guys who simply bid on women to get a date, but without any kind of seduction or wooing phase. They then go out on a date, find the girl doesn’t like them at all and are sorely disappointed.
    2: How do you know the girl will even turn up to the date? Are there any repercussions for girls who ghost guys?
    3: It immediately sets up the provider and chasing dynamic where the entire basis of the relationship is defined by a financial transaction before you even meet.

    The site has the same sort of value proposition as Seeking, but doesn’t offer the same benefits. I checked the site traffic on Similar Web, and it has roughly 1/10 of the visitors as Seeking.

    Although it’s relatively high up on the list, there’s a step-change difference between Whats Your Price and Seeking.

    Overall Verdict:

    At least you’ll get a date (if she turns up), but the premise of the website frames you as low value by having to pay to get her to meet you. If you take away the seduction or wooing part of a romance, it makes it much more difficult to ignite later on.

    At least with Seeking you can agree to meet with no mention of money and certainly no upfront payment.

    Try Seeking.Com instead.


    Overall rating: 6.4

    Best Features: growing community, 5/1 female / male ratio, attractive women, not all looking for arrangements

    Average Membership Price: Approx $40

    sugar daddy meet free trial

    Sugar Daddy Meet is a venerable and respected big player on the sugar dating scene. The site was originally launched in 2007 and has attracted 6.5 million members overall – with 5 million sugar babies – or at least that’s what the site homepage says.

    Unfortunately, I tested these numbers by creating my own profile on the site, and I have to say I was not impressed. I searched in London, United Kingdom. When I do the exact same search on Seeking.Com, I get page after page of hot girls, all of whom are online no matter what time of day I check.

    On, I only saw about 100 profiles – if that.

    There simply are not enough women on this site to raise it higher up the list and position 5.

    You can sign up for free and create a compelling profile, whilst browsing sugar babies in your area. To give you an idea of the quality of sugar babies on Sugar Daddy Meet, here’s a quick peek inside the site. These are girls from London in the United Kingdom:

    sugar babies on sugar daddy meet

    The quality of sugar baby on Sugar Daddy Meet is high
    You can see that the average upgrade price is much cheaper than Seeking Arrangement, but there are not enough of them! An average guy who signs up to this site hoping to meet an attractive girl is going to be sorely disappointed.

    6.Adult Friend Finder

    Overall rating: 5.9

    Best Features: Enormous user base (so they say), very clear what the site is about, potentially good for hookups

    Average Membership Price: $150 average for a date

    adult friend finder

    Adult Friend Finder is one of the oldest dating sites in the world, with an huge user base of over 81 million users (so they say). According to their business development executives, Adult Friend Finder gets around 55 million visits per month, and the traffic numbers on Similar Web are equally impressive – the site is ranked 160 in the entire USA!

    Here are the pros and cons of Adult Friend Finder:

    Pros Of Adult Friend Finder

  • Large userbase – the largest on this list
  • It is a site purely for hookups. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can find it here
  • The site costs are clear and obvious
  • However, there are some notable downsides to this site too:

    Cons Of Adult Friend Finder

  • 80s look and feel to the website. Sometimes the site also slows down dramatically and randomly crashes
  • Despite the oft-touted 81 million members, I had real trouble finding attractive female singles in London. It’s a night and day difference between Adult Friendfinder and Seeking Arrangement, where you have over 500,000 attractive women in London alone
  • I registered a blank profile with no photos and within a day or two I was inundated with messages. It’s therefore likely the site is using fake bot traffic.
  • Overall verdict:

    Overall I would say avoid Adult Friend Finder – it’s not worth it. Try Seeking instead.

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