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Florida is the third most populous state in the US, with over 21 million inhabitants spread across numerous large cities. It’s one of the most culturally diverse and fascinating of states – but what’s it like for online dating?

With large cities like Tampa, Miami, St. Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Cape Coral, Jacksonville and Tallahassee there are millions of Florida singles waiting to meet up – and it’s ranked no 3 in the top list of best US states for dating (according to Wallethub)

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Read on to find out why.

💯 Top 7 Florida Dating Sites Ranked (With Free Trials)

Here’s the current list of the best dating sites in Florida for men, complete with free trials. You can sign up to as many of these dating sites as you like free of charge.

The Best Dating Sites In Florida: Ranking Criteria

Let’s discuss the criteria that I used to rate these dating sites in Florida. The table below should make it all clear:

Dating SiteMale/Female Ratio% Single Girls 18-35Average Rating Of Girl (1-10)Overall Rating
Seeking Arrangement1/6427.58.5
Ashley Madison1/5387.38.1
Secret Benefits1/5337.17.8
Adult Friend Finder1/43177.5
What's Your Price1/43077.2
Luxury Date1/3336.87
Our Secret1/3296.96.8

Here are some points to note:

Seeking Arrangement Overall Rating: 7.5

Best For: Men seeking attractive younger women

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Seeking Arrangement ranks number 1 because it scores highly on all metrics. Let’s break some down:

  • There are 6 women for every man in Florida on Seeking.Com. Compare that to an average of 4 men for every woman on dating apps like Tinder, and you can see why it beats the competition handily.
  • There’s a high proportion (42%) of women in their “prime” years. This is ideal for most men who look for an attractive younger partner.
  • Not only are the women on Seeking younger on average than other dating sites, they’re also more attractive. The site achieves a high average rating of girl (7.5 / 10)

  • Essentially Seeking offers a large pool of young attractive women to choose from. This is the no 1 problem with most other dating apps like Tinder: there are just not enough attractive women to go around. Seeking Arrangement fixes this huge problem, which is why it’s ranked the no 1 best dating site in Florida overall.

    Average quality of girls on Seeking Arrangement in Florida: 7.5.

    Don’t just take my word for it – judge for yourself. Here’s a sneak peek inside the Seeking Arrangement dashboard so you can check out the women on the site:

    orlando florida female dating profile examples

    Example female dating profiles in Orlando, Florida

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    If you want to try Seeking Arrangement in Florida for yourself, just use the button above for a free trial account. You’ll have a profile set up in minutes.

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    Ashley Madison Overall Rating: 7.3

    Best For: Men seeking thrill seeking women

    Ashley Madison also scores highly in Florida on the ranking criteria.

  • 5 women for every man. Not as good as Seeking, but still way above what you’ll find on most vanilla dating sites
  • 38% of the women on the site are between 18-35. Still a high ratio.
  • The average girl on the site is still attractive, though not quite up to the standard of Seeking Arrangement.

  • Let’s take a quick look at the average girls on Ashley Madison in Orlando, Florida:

    ashley madison female dating profiles florida

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    😵 Dating Scene In Florida: What’s It REALLY Like (Video Walkabout And Annotation)

    If you’re in Florida yourself, you can probably skip this section unless you want a bit of a laugh. But in my quest to get to the real facts about dating in Florida I turned to Youtube to get a sense of what the men and women are actually like in real life.

    What’s it actually like for a red-blooded man in Florida who wants to meet an attractive slim woman with good morals that he can build a relationship with be proud of?

    It doesn’t look good! I watched 2 videos on Youtube: one a walking tour along Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, and another dusk stroll along the main strip in Orlando.

    You can see my reaction video here along with my suggestions. I’ll list some additional thoughts after you’ve watched the video:

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    📋 Key Facts And Statistics About The Florida Dating Scene

    Florida has 96 men for every 100 women, lower than the national average of 97. In total there are 9,723,286 men in Florida and 10,170,011 Women.

    Unfortunately, the gender ratios by age paints a slightly different picture in Florida, where overall there are more men than women in the prime female age of 18=35:

    Florida Male / Female Ratio By Age

    Age RangeFlorida State Ratio (Men/Women)Nationwide Ratio

    Overall Florida is marginally worse than the national average on the Male/Female ratio by age in the prime age bracket for women of 18-35. However, there are some exceptions where you’ll find some counties have more women than men:

    Alachua County (93 for every 100 women), Flagler County (92/100), Hernando County (92/100 and Highlands County (94/100).

    Source: States 101 Gender Ratios Florida

    It’s clearly not feasible or desirable for the vast majority of men to move to another state, so use the best Florida dating sites to even up the odds and give yourself the best chance of meeting an attractive Florida single girl.

    🔎 Interest In Dating In Florida By City (According To Google Trends)

    Which cities in Florida get the most searches for dating queries, and what is the trend? I turned to Google Trends to get the answer and here’s the results:

    best dating sites florida google trends results

    The query is “best dating sites”, for Florida only, over the last 12 months. Of course, it’s not possible to figure out whether the searchers were male of female but this data is a useful guide.

    The top 5 cities most interested in dating based on this search query were:

    1. West Palm Beach
    2. Tampa – St Petersburg
    3. Miami – Ft Lauderdale
    4. Jacksonville
    5. Orlanda – Daytona Beach

    Takeaway: If you live in any of those cities it’s a bonus, because you’re sure to find some attractive single girls who are at least somewhat interested in meeting a guy on a dating site (if we postulate that 50% of the searches are carried out by women).

    🗳️ Quick Facts About Florida (2021 Census.Gov Data)

    White alone, percent 77.3%
    Black or African American alone, percent 16.9%
    American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent 0.5%
    Asian alone, percent 3.0%
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, percent 0.1%
    Two or More Races, percent 2.2%
    Hispanic or Latino, percent(b) 26.4%
    White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent 53.2%

    You can check out the full data at Census.Gov here:

    💻 Sign Up To The Best Dating Sites In Florida Now

    If you’ve watched the reaction video above or if you’re a single guy living in Florida, I think you’ll be happy to know that there are alternatives to braving the raucous, offensive and squalid reality of nightlife or daytime approach.

    Far better to sit in your house perusing the gorgeous women on the top dating sites that I’ve recommended in this article. Check them about again rather than scrolling, and set yourself up with a free trial:

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