Best Dating Advice Articles For Men (2022 Onwards)

If you’re a guy looking for the best dating advice for men look no further!  I’ve compiled a list of all the best dating advice articles on this site, based on user feedback and actual raw data!

Read these articles if you want to know how to meet and attract women in your day to day lives, either from online dating, cold approach, daygame and so on.

Best Online Dating Advice Articles: (including special dating hacks I learned over the years)

seeking arrangement in london

Seeking Arrangement In London:

This is a great article for those who want to use Seeking Arrangement to their advantage.  It includes a breakdown of the demographics of Seeking Arrangement, how to attract sugar babies, and where to take them out on a date.  The general thrust is to pick up hot women on the seeking site without paying for an arrangement.

Best How To Approach Women Articles: (Technical And Mindset Advice)

how to approach a girl

How To Approach A Girl:

Complete guide with all you need to know about how to cold approach a girl you don’t know.

Improve Your Cold Approach Success Rate

Get away from spam approaching with this handy-dandy guide!




forcing iois

The ULTIMATE Guide To IOIs and Forced IOIs

Dense information packed article with a ton of information on IOIs and forced IOIs.

Daygame 101: The Best Method

My view on how to do daygame.




Best On Where / How To Meet Women All Around The World

san diego girls

How To Get Laid With Hot San Diego Girls (1 Secret Hack)

Great guide to meet and date the hottest girls in San Diego, in the daytime and using an online dating hack.
20 best cities in the world for single guys

20 Easiest Cities In The World To Get Laid

A Classic. Read nearly 500,000 times over the years and still going strong. THE article about meeting women in foreign cities.

How To Meet Women In London

How to meet women in London. Online and daytime approaching.

How To Pick Up Strippers

How to pick up strippers. London focused but applicable anywhere in most cities around the world.