I’ve just uploaded 2 new videos to the Secret Society video series:

Bar And Coffee Shop Game

An obvious flaw of daygame is what are you supposed to do in the Winter? So I’ve uploaded a video on meeting women in Bars and Coffee shops, within the Steve Jabba TM method. And no it doesn’t involve “sarging” the bars and coffee shops. As per the ethos of the Secret Society product, it relies on being low key, socially intelligent and not making a tit out of yourself.

Mind / Body / Dick Connection

A slightly more esoteric video than the Bar / Coffee Shop Game video. I’ve found that many guys are not connected to their body. Modern life encourages it – sitting in cubicles in an air con office is all well and good…But if you’re not connected to your body, you cannot exploit that GRUNT feeling of masculinity and sexual energy. This video explains the connection and how you can go about forging it in your interactions. And no, it’s not just going to the gym.

In total, about another 16 minutes have been added. I think you’ll find it’s good stuff.

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