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An Exciting Beginning

Let me paint you a picture.

You’ve decided you’re going to conquer approaching and attracting women. You do 200 approaches in 2 months, and you get your first results : a 7 in your bed from a daytime approach on Oxford Street.

You’re encouraged and excited. You’re on the way – but you want results – FAST. So you decide to up the ante, and do 200 approaches in 1 month the following month.

You start going out in your lunch hour. You do marathon approachathons of 20 approaches on Saturday and Sunday, plus 5 every evening after work.

But after the first 14 days of your new routine…You start to feel a little…Off.

Your vibe starts to crash. You notice the reactions from girls get worse and worse. Your results nosedive – whereas last month you were getting a number every 5 approaches, now it’s one in every 15 -and continuing to slide.

If you plotted it on a Graph, your approach / close ratio would start to resemble the USD / Turkish Lira currency chart.

What the blue FUCK is going on you wonder to yourself?

The Vibe Throttle

Let me tell you what has happened! You’ve destroyed your vibe by incessant approaching. You’re starting to feel and act very weird.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it before. Now it’s happened to you – so what to do about it?

There are basically 2 solutions : repair your vibe (which temporarily fixes the symptoms) and continue – or learn Authenticity – a long term permanaent solution.

Remember what my old website was called? It was AuthenticPUA for a reason.

Let me introduce 2 guys who know me very well (who sadly I rarely talk to now for various reasons, which I will not go into here).

One is John Bodi, a guy I knew for 5-6 years and lived with in London. An extremely talented and funny guy (I still think he’s one of the best writers I’ve ever read).

The other is Nick Krauser – who you probably all know about. Ditto – I’ve know him for about 5 – 6 years.

Both will tell you (if you ask) that ever since they’ve known me I have been plauged, I would ever go so far as to say wracked with worry about a recurring demon that seems to be a permanent fixture of my life. I’ll give you a hint : it begins with M, ends in Y and has an O in the middle. (EDIT This is well on the way to being solved now in late October 2018. I’ve been working hard at it)

Despite this, both have personally witnessed me switch on and get fantastic results from approaching on the rare occasions that I actually did it in their presence.

Nick has even written a detailed post about it called Stateless Game – linked below in the description.


I’d be a tease to present the problem to you and not offer a solution wouldn’t I? Well, it’s complex and it needs a full treatment.

The crux of it is to rely on authenticity – to not fight a low state, and certainly not to chase it. Let it be as it is.

But underlying this in the background is your core vibe and mindset. Your current low state is a shadow cast by whatever is bothering you at that moment.

But standing proud and strong in the background is your mindset. Authenticity is the key to letting it shine through. And this is what the girl picks up on.

The real man underneath.

It’s your Trump card when your mindset is strong, truthful and tuned in to displaying the cornerstone characteristics of a naturally attractive man.

It’s your biggest enemy if you’re a fronter, a faker and trying to hide what you’re really like from the girl.

This is covered in full depth in Primal Seduction – it’s called my inner game bible for a reason.

This is how you can feel like shit, react emotionally to a girl if she pisses you off. How you can show your emotions, without worrying about being alpha.

How you can approach a girl after approach number 14, tell her you feel a bit odd to be doing but – but in saying it from your core, you can STILL get the results.


Why Authenticity Is Attractive To Women

An authentic man does not need any crutches, money, social power or anything external to himself in order to attract women. His strong identity, high self- esteem and display of other cornerstone behaviours is what attracts women. To get geeky, an authentic man is the Jedi Master of the dating world (who has rejected the “Dark Side” or dark triad traits)

Listed below are some of the powerful qualities of authentic seduction:

Transferable to any environment : It doesn’t rely on you being “in your comfort zone”. You can meet a woman any place, any time: coffee shop, on the street, in a library, in a nightclub, even in a church!

This is because you “are” authentic, and are therefore not limited by situational confidence (you would be surprised by how many men are – think of the guy who is confident in his own domain but useless in other environments)

Core confidence applies to other areas of life: The same mindset and beliefs that are required to be an authentic man can transfer to other areas of your life. It is a healthy, pleasing, contended place to be. I live and breathe this personally. You become contented, powerful, strong and effective. Once acquired, it makes your dating life easy and seemingly effortless!

You don’t have to “do” anything extraordinary: You simply need to put yourself in a position where you might meet women, and talk to them. It becomes clear very quickly (by the absence of some of the more horrible “traps” that most men fall into, the right beliefs and behaviours and a display of the cornerstone behaviours) that you are different in an attractive way.

One final thing. I believe there is almost a Zen quality to natural seduction. I do advocate getting the best body, physical appearance and health that you can. Coupled with a strong identity, high self-esteem and cornerstone behaviours, the combination is lethal and radiates out from you (via sub-communications). Women pick up on this without you doing anything at all.

Women actually like men like this and there are not a lot of these men about! Essentially what you are aiming for is:

Honesty and integrity in your relationships. High self-esteem – like yourself! Core confidence in any environment. At ease in your own skin. Knowledge of what women like and experience to behave in this way.