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Approaching Women Using Forced IOIs (Warm Approaching)

Using the forced IOI method of approaching, you can approach women with a much higher chance of success. The forced IOI technique is designed to move away from spam approaching by rote, instead focusing on drawing out girls who might be somewhat open to your approach, and approaching them instead.

It’s basically having a conversation WITHOUT words BEFORE you approach. It allows you to build your awareness over time of the “Secret Society”, by spotting micro signals from women in your day to day life and capitalising on them.

This is covered in exhaustive detail in my Secret Society video series, with over 3.5 HOURS of content on using this technique correctly. There is over 6 hours of material in total.

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Forcing IOIs (introduction and “how to”)

Forcing IOIs (with infield examples)

IOI Introduction : Sex Is Everywhere!


The Power Of IOI’s And The Easiest Lay Ever!

A breakdown and slightly mucky story of the power of IOIs. About meeting an 18 year old girl in BUdapest, Hungary from a forced IOI approach..And the carnage that followed!

IOI Basics and FAQ’s

Using Forced IOIs : The Steve Jabba Method!

In this video I break down the main components of the Steve Jabba Method. Forcing IOIs is one of the main components. Learn how it all fits together in this video.


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These videos give you an introduction to the power of forcing IOIs. Using this technique you can smoothly approach women in ANY environment – coffee shop, bar, nightclub, daytime.
In the Secret Society video series, I break it all down in minute detail with step by step instruction so you can start to use the technique EVERYWHERE in your day to day life..Never miss an opportunity again!

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Cold Approaching Women

About 60 % of your approaches will be from a pure cold approach, so you need to get it dialed in properly. Here are some tips!

Bar And Coffee Shop Game!
Ever wondered how to approach in bars and coffee shops? Find out here!

Use these 10 tips (with infield examples) to successfully cold approach women


Warm Up Before Cold Approaching Women

You’ll need to do this, because it’s very difficult to just spring into action when you see a hot girl that you want to approach. Use these techniques to get yourself in the mood to approach the women you REALLY want.


Socially Intelligent Indirect Opening

Use this technique when it’s simply not appropriate to approach a woman directly, such as in a busy shop or shopping mall. Using this technique, you can still approach the girl you like, but without the social pressure of obviously hitting on her when other people are within earshot.

This is a super under the radar technique, which still gets across the point that you’re interested in her and want to take it further…

Cold Approaching Women – Summary

This is not an easy thing to do. The vast majority of men struggle to cold approach women in their day to day lives. Approach anxiety cripples most guys, and it’s something that you never totally enjoy (except on rare occasions) – but the rewards are massive if you can learn to master it.

I offer both infield training in the form of bootcamps and 1 on 1 training, as well as remote coaching to help you with cold and warm approaching.

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Real Life Infield Pickup Examples

Example videos where I demonstrate real life pickup. Both 3rd person and 1st person perspective.

Bold Direct Street Approach And Kiss (Colombian Girl)


Approaching A “Yes” Girl (Phillipna Street Approach)


Using Humour In A Street Approach – English Girl


Daygame Approaching A Russian Girl In South Kensington, London


Direct Approach Serbian Girl Oxford Street, London

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