Your Path To Becoming A Sigma Starts Here

I’ve now got 31 videos in my Sigma Male series. The top video which was published exactly 4 months ago has had nearly 50,000 views.

These 31 videos combined have had probably over 250,000 views in the last 5 months (I haven’t counted).

Of the videos I’ve done, the Sigma Male videos have been the most popular, aside from my 2 most raunchy infields (my kissing on the street video has now had over half a million views).

What’s been interesting and surprising to me is the sheer number of comments from guys who proclaim to be a Sigma male themselves. It was getting to a point of being ridiculous, and so I started to delete and block them.

(The second most popular kind of comment was from Gammas who wanted to tell me that sorry, I am not a Sigma. The third most popular was that it is not possible to “become” a Sigma.)

Let’s talk about what’s the first type of comment first, and why comments like these are boring to everyone else apart from yourself, and why in the vast majority of cases, you are probably incorrect. Sigmas are actually very rare.

Firstly, the whole point of the socio sexual hierarchy as envisioned by Vox Day (the guy who came up with Sigma, Gamma etc) was to accurately describe repeated behavioural patterns , and be able to predict what people would do based on their classification.

Vox himself has stated several times that he stopped his previous blog about game and the socio sexual hierarchy because he got sick of the “but what about ME” comments, time and again, whenever he talked about Sigmas or Gammas or whatever. I’m now beginning to understand his point!

No One Cares What You Think You Are.

He’s also stated that it’s completely pointless to delude yourself and try to insert yourself where you WANT to be and proclaim it loudly in public. That’s no use to you.

Instead, use the hierarchy and the material to accurately judge yourself and get to work on ironing out your flaws and problems and working on improving yourself and / or your life situation.

Proclaiming to anyone that will listen on a Youtube comment that you are a Sigma is a feminine thing to do. Understand : no one cares what you think you are. It’s of no interest to anyone but yourself.

If you’re not capable of judging yourself accurately, then ask those who know you best to give you an HONEST opinion. If you can’t do that, ask a close work colleague. Anyone who knows you sufficiently well will do.

Two Most Important Characteristics Of A Sigma Male:

So for a Sigma Male, the 2 most important characteristics that define you as a Sigma are:

1: You are outside the hierarchy
2: You are very attractive to women

Watch his latest Darkstream if you don’t believe me (episode 334 : Unauthorised The Road Ahead). The comment about Sigmas comes in the last 5 minutes.

Now, those 2 characteristics are eminently provable and quantifiable one way or another.

Living Outside The Hierarchy

For example, Vox is himself a outside the hierarchy, as am I. Vox lives in Italy in the vineyards with his wife of several decades. He’s extremely high IQ but lives life on HIS terms, works in what he believes in and is intersted in, and has carved a pretty nice existence for himself.

He doesn’t give media interviews, doesn’t work for anyone else, does his won thing and lives life on his own terms. Definitely outside the hierarchy.

I’ve worked in the conventional sense for a combined total of about 5 years. I’ve had 3 or 4 full time jobs, about 10 IT contract jobs, then I quit and started doing my own thing – firstly this dating channel (under a different name and different website), then content arbitrage using paid traffic, now back to dating again after I restored my channel after being hacked, and other projects which are beginning to bear fruit.

Again, removed from the hierarchy in the most important sense. I do not believe I could return back to the working world even if I wanted to. The thought literally sends a shiver down my spine.

I know little else about Vox, but he does have an attractive wife who he has been with for decades, as I have said. I don’t wish to keep talking about myself but you can judge for yourself whether you think I would be attractive to women.

It’s better if you arrive at your own conclusions on this. But, I wouldn’t have been involved in this industry for this amount of time if I didn’t believe that to be the case. The fact that thousands of people have paid money to buy my products (and there is a new one coming out soon, I promise) means that quite a few people believe that I can back up what I say.

Sigma Male Game

Think about the type of Game I espouse. Going out solo. Meeting women in a nightclub, solo. I’ve been talking about it for years, and doing it myself for 2 additional decades prior to even talking about it publically. There is nothing more Sigma than simply relying on yourself to go out alone and meet women…And critically, getting success by doing it. Clip

So, that’s the two main criteria covered. Now I’m not making this video to shit all over the boring commenters who have to tell the world that they think they are Sigma. But I am pointing out that there’s really no utility to telling anyone about this. The videos in the series are designed to give you a glimpse into the world, mindset and life of a Sigma, provide an aspirational target , and give you something to work towards. Which leads us onto comment three. That it’s not possible to become a Sigma Male.

Let’s look at the two most important criteria : Being outside the hierarchy, and being attractive to women.

Well, you can work on both of these. You can work to take yourself out of the hierarchy, and you can work to make yourself more attractive to women.

Removing Yourslef From The Hierarchy

Recall my video “become a Sigma Male” and “Sigma Male Game Explained”. Now obviously I can only give the topic a surface level treatment in a 16 minute video. If you want a real insight , action plans and missions to begin to turn towards a fully Sigma life then you’ll need to check out Primal Seduction and Secret Society. But let’s take a look at how you can actually remove yourself from the hierarchy.

I believe it starts with thinking about what you know about and what you enjoy. If you’ve ever watched any videos by the legendary commodoties investor Jim rogers, you’ll probably note his recurring leitmotif of “invest in what you know. Don’t listen to me, don’t listen to other investors and certainly don’t listen to NBC/ CNN/ Fox Money”. Invest in what you know.

This is just my personal opinion, but I can tell you that before I started the dating channel and website, I certainly knew about going out and picking up women alone. I was a member of a well known pickup forum for several years before I even started my channel and was well known in those circles. I’d found out about “The Game” right at the beginning.

I’d met most of the well known figures, spent about a month living in San Francisco with a well known guy from RSD, worked closely with Richard La Ruina from PUA Training, spent time with Nick Krauser (over 5 years), etc etc. The point is, I put in my time and knew my stuff.

So, I felt competent to start writing books, making videos about it and charging money for it. To repeat, I do not consider myself an expert in any sense on the subject of removing yourself from the hierarchy, but take this advice in the well intentioned manner in which it’s given – starting with what you know and are passionate about is a good way to make money and take yourself out of the hierarchy.

Life As An Older Sigma Male (58 + )

On this subject, I have further plans which I am working on, and have even thought about 15-20 years in front. I can see myself living outside of the city, in a auiet part of a warm country , in a small house surrounded by a small piece of land..With sheep, chickens, animals that I have to look after (and kill for food in some cases). I’ll have my partner, several large dogs and quite possibly kids…Though I feel the need to hurry up on that front. This vision is what keeps me going, sharing my knowledge and insights with you guys, workign on my other projects and staying removed outside of the hierarchy.

In terms of becoming more attractive to women, well this is something everyone can improve. There is literally no shadow of a doubt about this. Can every guy shag several hundred women in his lifetime, many of whom are in the top range of attractiveness? Of course not. But can every guy improve and become much better with women than he currently is? Absolutely.

Is that sufficient to be happy and content? Well, it’s a part of it. As I mentioned in my video “Are looks all that matters”, when you actually deal with reality and cut past the dick waving, the vast majority of guys would be happy to settle with a girl who they find really attractive , who likes them back and who they can build a life with.

Being a world traveller, moving from city to city and chasing women for years on end is really not the best choice for the vast majority of guys.


So in conclusion, yes you can become a Sigma Male. But the point of this video was to illustrate that telling everyone how much of a Sigma you already are is of no use to anyone, is boring to read for anyone apart from you, and is probably not true anyway. Use these videos in this now 32 video series to get to work , and you could well remove yourself from the hierarchy and become more attractive too.

Until next time!