Adult Friend Finder UK 2023 : Any Good Or Total Bust?

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adult friend finder uk
In this Adult Friend Finder UK review I’m going to go through everything you need to know about AFF in the UK, so you can decide if it’s worth your time.

We’re going to find out if Adult Friend Finder UK is indeed the world’s best hookup site to get laid – or is it a giant scam?

I’ll give you a direct answer straight away: Adult Friend Finder has been a mainstay of the hookup site world for over 20 years, and is a cracking hookup site – but it’s not great in the UK. Ashley Madison is actually a much better alternative.

How I Reviewed Adult Friend Finder in the UK (based on my own experience)

The burning question on your mind as a guy in the UK who wants to get laid is: can I ACTUALLY meet women on Adult Friend Finder in the UK?

Now I live in the UK, I know its culture well and I know what the women are like and roughly what to expect.

So I signed up to Adult Friend Finder in the UK and sent loads of messages and tried to get the girls out on dates. This is one of the basic tests you should expect in a dating site review.

👧🏼The Quality Of Women On Adult Friend Finder UK

Let me show you the quality of girls you’ll find on Adult Friend Finder in the UK, so you can get a rough idea what I am talking about (these are real female profiles):

adult friend finder uk women

Do you see what I mean? Now these profiles are all within 20 miles of London – the capital of the UK and the place where you’ll find the hottest women. So far, it doesn’t stack up well.

Now let’s contrast this with the quality of girls you’ll see on Ashley Madison in London within a 20 mile radius. I think you’ll see the difference straight away:

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Girl 1
Girl 2
Girl 3
Girl 4
Girl 5
Girl 6
Girl 6
Girl 6

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I hope you can see the difference. Let’s consider some other important criteria and compare Adult Friend Finder in the UK VS Ashley Madison. Check it out:

Demo Image
Demo Image
Overall Rating
4.5 / 5 (Excellent)
3 / 5 (Good)
Quality Of Women
4 / 5 (Generally hot)
3.5 / 5 (Some hot girls, lots of rotters)
Number Of Members
Female / Male Ratio
60 / 40 % (more women than men)
45 / 55 % (more men than women)
Chance Of Hookup
9 / 10
7 / 10
$60 for 100 credits
$45 for 1 month

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We’ll go through these critera as we continue, but let me first set your mind at rest about whether Adult Friend Finder is a scam.

⚠Does Adult Friend Finder UK: Pass The 3 Scam Tests?

There are three signs of a scam dating site.

The first is when they scrape profiles of women off the internet, just scrape their pictures and use them.

Adult friend finder does not do that.

The second sign of a scam is using bots and fake female profiles to get conversation going with you and get you to upgrade your account. doesn’t do that either.

The third, a big red flag and sign of a scam dating site is forced continuity and dodgy billing problems.

This is when they make it very difficult for you to cancel your account. Adultfriendfinder doesn’t do that either. So Adultfriendfinder passes the scam test.

Incidentally if you want to see a shining example of a scam dating site, you must check out my SPdate review, and my Fuckbook review – both of these are scam dating sites and you can really see this when you read the reviews.

🌍Member Demographics on Adult Friend Finder In The UK

Don’t get me wrong – Adult Friend Finder has a LOT of members as you can see from the table above – after all, it’s a well respected venerable Adult dating brand which has been around for over 20 years.

The problem is that the vast majority of the members on Adult Friend Finder are NOT in the UK – they are from the USA.

So if you’re from the USA and you want to sign up to Adult Friend Finder, it’s well worth it and the scores are adjusted accordingly.

But if like me you’re from the UK, it just isn’t the ticket.

Check out these stats I pulled from Similarweb, the analytics company and you’ll see what I mean:

dult friend finder uk member demographics

There’s the problem. Only 2.59% of members on Adult Friend Finder come from the UK.

But it gets worse! Don’t forget that a decent chunk of those users are men, so that is even fewer available women.

So on the basis of quality and availability of girls, Adult Friend Finder in the UK falls short and you’re much better off trying Ashley Madison (the button below signs you up to a free trial by the way.)

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🚺🚹Female To Male Ratio On Adult Friend Finder In The UK

female to male demographics adult friend finder uk

The graph above is once again taken from Similar Web and it paints a pretty grim picture for Adult Friend Finder in the UK. As you can see, only 17.39 of the members on Adult Friend Finder in the UK are women!

Again, the picture is very different in the USA because the overall ratio is actually quite favourable worldwide (you can see the overall ratio in the table on this page). But in the UK at least, it’s all a bit of a horrorshow.

You’ve got more chance of slipping over a slippery slithering slug and accidently sliding your todger into a hot girl than you have of finding a hottie on Adult Friend Finder in the UK (at least based on these stats!)

Who Is Adult Friend Finder UK Best Suited To?

Adult Friend Finder makes no bones about it: it’s a pure Adult sex date site. So if you are good looking and not too fussy, you might get a chance hookup if you’re from the UK and one of the girls on there takes a liking to you.

But my question is: why bother? The 3 main problems are:

  • The women are not particularly hot on Adult Friend Finder in the UK
  • There are not many of them either (you saw what was available in London, one of the biggest and most famous cities in the world). Imagine what it’s like if you’re one of the majority of
  • the UK population who lives outside of London?
  • The ratios of females to males is just bad!

Adult Friend Finder IS legit if you’re from the USA – just not in the UK.

Let’s check out some women on Adult Friend Finder in the UK from Birmingham (the UK’s second largest city):
adult friend finder birmingham women

That is…not good. You cannot even see the faces of these girls! It makes me wonder what would turn up if you actually got any of them out on a date.

I’m gonna say it again. Ashley Madison is your best bet if you want to get a sex date in the UK.

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👫Where To Take Girls For A Sex Date In The UK

I hope I’ve made my point sufficiently clear by now. Let’s finally discuss the sex dating in the UK generally.

I know both Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder are considered to be sex dating apps. But you still need game.

You cannot treat girls differently just because you met them on a sex dating site. You still have to take them out on dates, be charming and so on.

It’s just that it’s much easier to do so on most sex dating apps because the competition is much less fierce.

What do I mean?

The majority of guys who use Adult Friend Finder are COMPLETELY clueless!

It’s not like Tinder where your competition is cool, good looking urbane chad types with money..

On Adult Friend Finder, the majority of guys are overweight, deluded, no game losers who only upload pics of their tiny shrivelled weiner!

If you cannot beat those guys, you may as well give it up FOREVER!

😍Enjoy Adult Friend Finder In The UK

I hope you’ve seen the light. Adult Friend Finder is a great sex app in its place (the United States.). However, for UK users it does fall a bit short.

Overall I recommend Ashley Madison in the UK for your sex dating needs.

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