Adult Friend Finder Free Trial | Avoid Like A Rabid Skunk!

Adult Friend Finder is the oldest and probably most well-known hookup site on the internet. As of April 2021, Adult Friend Finder has over 80 million members worldwide, far more than other popular dating brands. At least, that’s what they tell you.

If you want to find a hookup with a hot girl in your local area, there are far better alternatives than the Adult Friend Finder Free Trial.

In this article, I’ll explain why Adult Friend Finder is a total waste of time for most guys, and offer superior free trial alternatives instead.

We’ll start with the first reason why it’s so bad: the lack of options.

❓What Do You Get With The Adult Friend Finder Free Trial? (NOT MUCH!)

Here’s what you get with your free trial account:

  • ✅ Create your free Adult Friend Finder profile
  • Write your profile, tell the local girls what you’re looking for. Upload some cool photos to create an intriguing image to reel in hot local singles.

  • ✅ Check girls in your area or worldwide
  • Before you commit to paying for an Adult Friend Finder account, you’ll want to make sure there are plenty of attractive girls in your local area. With the free trial, you can find local single girls within minutes.

  • ✅ Test your profile
  • There is no point in paying for an account upgrade unless you are sure that you’ll get dates and hookups from the website. So use the Adult Friend Finder free trial to create the most compelling and attractive profile in living memory!

    Once you start getting interest from girls you’ll know it’s worth upgrading.

    What The Free Trial Does NOT Include

  • ❌ You cannot send messages, flirt or even view girls’ profiles with a free trial account. You’ll need to upgrade to a Gold account to interact with the girls on Adult Friend Finder.
  • 🤔So What Is The Adult Friend Finder Free Trial?


    Adult Friend Finder offer a free trial so that potential clients can get a feel for the website before they have to spend money. Most dating websites operate on a freemium model nowadays so that paying customers can be sure that they are getting their money’s worth when they upgrade their account.

    The number and quality of singles on a dating website is by far the most important factor for any man. Now, Adult Friend Finder state that they have over 81 million active members, but I didn’t find many attractive women within a 20-mile radius of London in the United Kingdom.

    When I carried out a search for girls between 18-35, online now, in London, there were only a handful of results. I had to expand my search criteria to see more – and I must say that the women were not what I would consider attractive. Find out more about how to pick up girls in London here.

    I cannot show you the photos because many of them are NSFW, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

    If you ARE thinking of signing up for an Adult Friend Finder free trial, I’d counsel you against it. If you’re looking for a hookup, the Ashley Madison Free trial will probably suit you much better: plenty of hot girls, you can get more from the free trial and the website just looks a lot more professional and classy.

    😲Why The Adult Friend Finder Free Trial Is A Waste Of Time (And Alternatives)

    It’s simple: the quality and number of singles on Adult Friend Finder appears to be sorely lacking.

    Whenever I try out these dating sites I always search for women within a 20-mile radius of London in the UK. Since London is the UK’s capital city and one of the most attractive cities in the world for adventurous young foreign women, it attracts the sort of girls most red-blooded males would want to meet.

    So why are there hardly any good-looking females in London on Adult Friend Finder?

    I would guess it’s because very few legitimately gorgeous women actively seek a hookup. Let’s be clear: good-looking women are highly prized and always will be, especially in a city like London. If you’ve lived there yourself you will know that young beautiful women in London are a precious commodity: they have scores of eligible men with money pursuing them.

    So why would they need to create an ad on a somewhat tacky site like Adult Friend Finder?

    If you’ve actually been mad enough to sign up for the Adult Friend Finder free trial and you clapped eyes on the rancid female member photos, here’s some eye bleach for you. Check out these member photos on Seeking Arrangement instead!

    seeking arrangement sugar babies london

    The girls on Seeking Arrangement are much hotter than Adult Friend Finder – and there are a lot more of them!

    🦨AVOID The Adult Friend Finder free trial like you would a rabid skunk!

    If you went to a foreign country for a holiday and saw a skunk dashing towards you at full speed, with its tail raised in the air and a fetid, rotting stench emanating from a 20 metre radius..With red eyes, a drooling mouth and lashing out at anything that moves – would you approach it with your hand outstretched to offer it some food?

    No – you would run a mile, and you would be right to do so!

    I’m advising the same degree of caution when you think about signing up to the Adult Friend Finder free trial.

    Not only might you go blind when you browse the haggard, old, greying rancid women’s profiles on Adult Friend Finder…

    You might also cause yourself permanent erectile dysfunction from the trauma of actually meeting one of the women off the website.

    Your encounter with her might resemble the famous scene from the Shining movie when Jack Torrance meets the decaying, bloated rotting old lady in the bathtub in room 237.

    Here’s a photo of what your encounter with a girl from Adult Friend Finder might look like:

    the shining old woman

    😱Do THIS Instead Of Using The Adult Friend Finder free trial

    I don’t know what else to tell you. If you haven’t got it by now, let me spell it out for you:

    DO NOT use the Adult Friend Finder free trial!

  • Ugly women like the old lady in room 237 in The Shining
  • Poor choice of female profiles
  • Can’t do anything using the free trial
  • Much better free trials available

  • Here are 2 far superior alternatives:

    Best for hookups: Ashley Madison free trial

    Take my word for it my guy. Try either of those and thank me for it after!

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    Steve Jabba is a veteran dating coach from the UK with over 10 years of experience in guiding men to meet the girl of their dreams. This includes live training “in field” – in the daytime, in nightclubs and of course using online dating.
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