There’s probably a number of ways you’ve heard about me:

Through my old mate Richard La Ruina (of PUA Training) talking about me in his books and seminars.

I’m the Steve that he still mentions to this day. I was probably his No1 influence, mostly from our 40 day trip around Eastern Europe several years ago.


Through Nick Krauser (KrauserPUA), who’se talked about me at times over the years on his blog, in his seminars or on his Youtube channel.

And various other websites that have talked about me over the years, including analysis of my infield videos on Heartistes and the Rational Male websites.

And of course through my own Youtube channel, probably through my infield pick up videos.

I’m well known as having a freakish high level of pickup ability, with a unique style which I taught myself. I’ve never really learned pickup from anyone else.

What is my style?

Direct, spontaneous and natural.

Beyond that, I have an undiluted love for women which has stayed with me since I was 16 years old (I am now 42 as I write this in August of 2018).

You won’t see any hint of misogyny or resentment towards women anywhere on this website.

I invented several core pickup concepts that are gaining traction within the dating community with each passing day:

Creating a “warm” approach through forcing IOIs (you’ll see this everywhere you go nowadays)

The Love Bubble, where an instant, electric connection is formed with a woman through moments of authenticity and strong lust / attraction.

The “cornerstone characteristics” of the naturally attractive man.

Brain Fry – making a woman spazz out by connecting directly to her hindbrain – mostly by dominance and a recognition of the “Secret Society:. A kind of tacit awareness that this is a man who will “show me a good time”.

I’ve been a considerable influence within the dating community for about 7 years now (and counting)

My Products

Secret Society is the outer game product. It’s a 5 hour video seminar series.

Watch the video below to find out more:

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Primal Seduction is your inner game bible, designed to build you rock solid inner confidence to attract the best possible women without a massively long learning curve.

I fully believe 70% or so of success with women revolves around what happens inside your head.

Primal Seduction is the engine of the car. Without the right mindsets, your car is going nowhere.

Watch the video to learn more about Primal Seduction

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