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My name is Steve Jabba. I am based in the UK and have been a dating coach for over 10 years.

Whilst there are no formal recognised qualifications or certificates for dating coaches anywhere in the world, I do have extensive experience in seducing women myself, and have successfully trained several hundred men how to maximise their success with women too.

I have more than 30 years of experience in approaching, attracting and seducing women in over 40 countries across the world. I am an expert in:

  • Daytime approaching (daygame)
  • Nightclub approaching (nightgame)
  • Using online dating websites and apps.
  • Evaluating and reviewing dating websites

My Brief Potted History:

I started approaching and dating girls when I was 16 when and living in a small village in the UK. I used to go to the nearest biggest town (at the time this was Wolverhampton in the UK), and approach women either on the streets, or in bars and nightclubs.

I gradually built up my confidnce and moved to progressively larger cities in the UK, including Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Milton Keynes and London where I continued to approach and date women.

During this time I dated scores of women and built a lot of confidence, especially in my ability to “read women” and escalate the interaction effectively.

In Septmber 2005 I discovered “The Game Book”, by Neil Strauss, apparetly this weird guide which teaches you how to pick up strippers. I read a short article about it in the Metro Newspaper on the way to work in Birmingham, and was instantly intrigued.
the game book neil strauss

How It All Began

I immediately bought the book, then scoured every single website I could to learn more, including ALT Seduction Fast and the LSS Forum (now gone unfortunately).

I joined the local lairs in both Milton Keynes, Birmingham and eventually London, where I became a very big name due to my seduction skills.

Eventually I met Richard La Ruina, and we travelled for 40 days around Eastern Europe, which began my love affair with the women from these parts of the world.

Richard was impressed with my skills, so much so that he talked about it for years (you will find a video where he talks about me at the 21 convention further down this page).

Upon my return I began teaching “game” as we know it around 2011, and I set up my first dating website (called AuthenticPUA.com) in 2012.

I worked in various other fields from 2012 to the present, and unfortunately AuthenticPUA.com was hacked – and as I was working in other areas I let it go.

But I never lost my interest in dating and self improvement, so I set up SteveJabba.com on Jun 13, 2018 and have built it up ever since.

Steve Jabba Reviews

I have trained several hundred men live, in-field over the years. Naturally, I have collected reviews in a number of places.

You can find them all collated here.

Alternatively check out my reviews on Trustpilot.

These reviews are about either my live events (1 on 1 coaching) or my digital dating products.

In 2023 and beyond I have moved beyond teaching live approaching girls on the streets to explore online dating apps. Whilst daytime and nightclub approaching can be very rewarding, it really only appeals to a very small subset of men. I wanted to offer my expertise to a larger group of men so that they can finally get their love lives handled.

Thus, you’ll see lots of dating reviews and city guides on this website and on my Youtube channels.

I maintain an active interest in seduction and men’s self-improvement. Feel free to contact me about my live events here.

Here’s a review from one of my happy customers for the 5 days one on one training. This guy got excellent results and we talked for 30 minutes on a podcast together:

My “method” or way of approaching and attracting women

I produced a video called the “Steve Jabba Method”, which summarises how I recommend men should approach and attract women, and how this differs from most “mainstream” dating and daygame advice. Check it out below:

Affiliate Disclosure:

I regularly recommend dating sites that I have personally used and can vouch for on this website.

For full transparency, I may receive referral payments for products and services featured on this site. This is a big part of how we keep the lights on so that I can deliver awesome content to you.

This in no way influences the veracity of the reviews that I write or the products I recommend.

Review Criteria For Affiliate Sites And Services

I aim to offer honest, actionable and no-nonsense dating advice for men.

  • Honest: We tell you the truth about the dating products and services we review.
  • Actionable: You can apply the advice immediately to improve your dating situation.
  • No nonsense: The advice is straight to the point with no fluff.

How I review dating sites

I use a standard set of review criteria to evaluate dating sites. This is to ensure that each review considers the most important criteria for you, the end user.

When you use a dating site, you want to know the answer to one simple question: will this dating site help me to meet an attractive partner(s)?

To answer this question you can break up the service by considering the following metrics:

  • The ratio of female/males.
  • The number of female users
  • The average quality of looks of females on the dating site.
  • The overall ethos or theme of the dating site, and whether that influences what women are looking for. i.e. a hookup site, a fitness site, a Christian site and so on.
  • Does the dating site offer a free trial?

I check review sites such as Trustpilot and ScamAdviser to asses whether a website is a scam in the course of my reviews.

In addition, I have devised my own simple criteria for evaluating a scam dating site:

I sign up for a new site or app, and leave a blank user profile for a week. If after 1 week I return to my profile and see lots of activity, such as likes, winks or even messages, I am pretty sure that the site in question is a scam.

This set of criteria is not perfect, but it’s about the best that one can expect.

The dating industry is a profit-driven business, and it can be quite murky and difficult to navigate if you don’t have a trustworthy guide.

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Steve Jabba Digital Products And Live Training Courses

Get The Secret Society Video Series

A 7-hour video series where you will learn how to effectively approach women you see in your day-to-day life. Includes a full breakdown of “forcing IOIs” – a method invented by Steve Jabba to approach women with an extremely high success ratio.
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Get 5 Days LIVE Dating Coaching With Me (London)

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Learn the beautiful art of how to approach women in your day-to-day lives. Meet me in London – the home of the daygame scene, and approach women for 5 days straight. Get my expert advice on your mindset and technique.