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Steve Jabba, based in the UK and incorporated through Red Pill Solutions offers dating and lifestyle advice for the discerning man.

At Steve Jabba we strive to offer honest, actionable and no-nonsense dating advice for men.

  • Honest: We tell you the truth about the dating products and services we review.
  • Actionable: You can apply the advice immediately to improve your dating situation.
  • No nonsense: The advice is straight to the point with no fluff.

Affiliate Disclosure:

For full transparency, Steve Jabba may receive referral payments for products and services featured on this site. This is a big part of how we keep the lights on so that we can deliver awesome content to you.

This in no way influences the veracity of the reviews that we deliver.

Steve Jabba Reviews

Over the years Steve Jabba has collected reviews in a number of places. You can find them all collated here.

Mentions And Praise

Rollo Tomassi on my most famous infield video:
Nick Krauser on my “purple pill” tendencies:
Dating Metrics with my street game advice:
The Adult Man, referencing my work on thee Sigma Male (Note I’ve removed most of the Sigma Male Content since it’s no longer a concern)
Comic sands talking about my work on the Sigma Male
The Minds Journal talking about my work on the Socio-Sexual-Hierarchy:

I have hived off content and work on Sigma Male / Socio-sexual hierarchy concepts to the Sigma Male Forum. Please go there if you are interested in that kind of content.

Richard La Ruina talking about my infield abilities:

Steve Jabba Books And Dating Products

Secret Society is the outer game product. It’s a 7 hour video seminar series.

Watch the video below to find out more:

Primal Seduction is your inner game bible, designed to build you rock solid inner confidence to attract the best possible women without a massively long learning curve.

Watch the video to learn more about Primal Seduction