In this post and video I thought I’d give you a snapshot of the lifestyle of a Sigma Male, with a particular emphasis on :

  • Generating ideas and producing the content for this online entity, and the associated Youtube Channel.
  • The general fabric of my life as a Sigma in the country that I’ve chosen to live in. Bear in mind, I’ve travelled to a bunch of countries to find my personal Top 3. I’ve worked hard to figure figure out how to engineer my lifestyle and living conditions for the optimum mix of : productivity, happiness, health, and meeting women.
  • In my view this is the path for sustainable long term happiness, at least as I see it at this current stage of my life. This is of course subject to change as I get older and my needs change.
  • Insight into how I help other guys to find happiness, principally by achieving their ambitions in their dating life, wherever you happen to live. This will include some video footage, and audio conversations with a guy who I am currently training.
  • I’ll attempt to show you guys the kind of specific, tailored dating advice you’ll receive when you spend time with me on these personalised training programs.

I think you’ll see that the lifestyle I talk about is very different to life in the West, and this is often reflected in causal, ad hoc conversationswe have on these training programs. We often end up talking about the differences between where I live and life in the USA, UK, Canada, etc.

I hope you’ll take this as motivation to work towards building your own Sigma lifestyle if it appeals to you, including getting your game up to scratch, thinking for yourself and aiming to go full Sigma and move to where YOU want to live in future. If nothing else, it will show you another way of life.

Daily Routine:

I wake up around 7-8 am. I usually check my stats and any emails that I have to deal with. I then spend about 30 minutes controlling my rage at the Gamma, spiteful, vicious comments that I have to deal with on Youtube. This is one of my least favourite activities, but I try to take the positive from it and turn it to my advantage. Usually by making videos about it that I can use to get tons more views on my channel.

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Then I shower and get ready for the gym. Currently it’s about a 750 metre walk from my house to the gym. Right now as you can see, it’s snowing where I am, but I actually love how peaceful and beautiful the city looks in the snow.

I usually see people hurrying to work just as I am heading to the gym. My working day starts a little later.

Now as I am on the way to the gym, I cogitate on last nights comments that I read this morning, plus any news stories I read from the day before. I’m constantly thinking about what moves I can make next to improve my business – mostly at the moment, but also a few other things that I am developping.

If you’ve watched some of my other videos about Sigma Males, you’ll know that Sigmas are fiercely independant and want to insulate themselves from being under conotrol of other people. In order to do this, you’ve naturally got to develop your own sources of income, so you need the drive, intellect, hustle and desire to make this work.

I cannot speak for other people but for me, the only way to keep it growing is to think about it a lot, engage with it.

Usually on my morning walk and gym session an idea will pop into my head for a video, blog post or piece of work I need to do. Whilst I plan out products in advance, I actually rely on my brain to come up with ideas on it’s own based on comments, current affaris or whatever it is I am thinking about at the time. Unless I am horrendously hung over, it tends to do the job dutifully, and produces new ideas that I can write about, ready to make a video on Youtube.

I do my morning workout and feel pretty pumped up and healthy, ready to tackle the day. It’s now usually about 9-10 am.

So I get back home and stare at a blank screen – in this case, notepad ++. I never use proper word processing packages, just notepad++. Then I start thinking and writing.

I know that a 2500 – 3000 word post takes about 11-14 minutes to read through, so that’s what I aim for unless of course I can say all I need to say in shorter format. If I’m flowing I can knock out a post like that in about 60 -90 minutes without edits.

Are You Ready To Join The Secret Society?

But, it has to be fresh in my mind and ready to go. Sometimes I wake up with an idea fully formed and am raring to go, in which case it comes more easily. Sometimes it’s a hell of a struggle and it takes up to 3 hours.

Then I need to make the video. So, I read the script out and try to inject as much emotion to add flavour and intrigue to the video as possible. I hope I do a good job, judging by how well these videos are received I seem to have the mix right!

Then it’s out for the day. Right now, I am training – a really cool guy from the US. So I meet up with him and we start our daygaming training session

Now guys usually like to see me doing stuff so I do some approaches myself. It’s actually great to be training guys because it encoruages me to approach too. So, I go and introduce myself to some girls and get some numbers. Easy peasy. It’s fun!

I like to make sure that the guys I train with get the best possible value, so we can spend 7-8 hours in a daygame session. That’s in a mall, coffee shops, on the street. Right now the weather is freezing cold and snowing so malls it is. As you can see though, there’s plenty of girls to go at!

I give tailored, specific feedback to the guy i’m with. This can be about anything – controlling nerves when talking, escalating with the girl, what text to send her, keeping the conversation going, anything.

In between I like to keep the guys state up and keep him outside his head, so if required I can monologue about dating, current affairs, funny stories, women, anything. This is useful skill for women too, of course especially when you go on dates.

The ability to talk on a wide range of subjects in an engaging way is another great skill in your toolbox that helps to pick up girls in a variety of social situations.

Now a lot of guys who come on these training sessions are very curious about the Sigma lifestyle. So you can ask any questions about what life is like – daily routine, how you go about meeting girls, view of the long term future, why I prefer these countries to UK, USA etc. Typically, the guy who’se training with me is struck by the differences in the fabric of life…

++ How much more feminine, thinner and better looking the girls are (this is the 1st thing guys notice)
++ The sense that the men are stronger, there is a more patriarchal, old fashioned feel to a place
++ The architecture is different
++ The pace of life is different. It seems simpler, more laid back, earthier.

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He picks up on this almost through Osmosis, just by being wherever we conduct the training session. As you may know, I’m doing these training sessions in Poland and Ukraine right now – Warsaw, Wroclaw and Kiev. Through 10 years of travelling, these are my favourite cities.

I choose who I train with very carefully – I need to make sure it’s a good fit. Because of this, I tend to get guys who align closely with my views on life, who I can get on with, who I respect as men..But who just need a little help in one area. Some of my best mates now are guys I met years ago from these training sessions and we meet up years later in foreign cities, or even end up doing business together. It happens.

I keep a close eye on current events, politics and what’s going on in the world. One of the things I enjoy the most about training with guys is that I can find out what the fabric of their life is like in other countries. I’m always curious to see if it ties in with my perception based on what I read online.

Usually I am not far wrong. I have a sense that life is deteriorating for guys like me (and maybe you)..Guys who yearn to be free, to carve out their own destiny, to live where they want, to do work that they find meaningful, satisfying and stimulating.

To be surrounded by hot, thin, feminine women who they can meet simply through the power of their charisma and some well executed game. There’s absolutely no need for a social circle, expensive nightclubs, bottles of champagne, impressing girls with gifts or spending money.

Now I’ve been saying this for years..You do need to know what you’re doing…But a twinkle in your eye, a cheeky smile and some strong dominant Sigma game with sexual tension mixed in is enough to get girls interested and wanting more.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what I offer. Start with my book Primal Seduction and video product Secret Society. It’s enough to get you started on the path to a fully fledged Sigma LIfe.

I might even hear from you soon about my live training events where you come and spend 5 days with me. Links are in the description below.

Speak soon.