8 Places Russian Girls Are Looking For Men (Like You!)

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Russian girls are probably the most beautiful girls in the world but how do you meet them?

In this post, I’m going to show you 8 places where you can meet beautiful Russian girls – no matter where you live right now.

Now this is not about 8 places where you might find a Russian girl if you are very lucky, these are the places where Russian girls are hunting Foreign men – they are hunting guys like you who they want to end up in a relationship with.

So if you go to these places, you will meet cute and sexy Russian women.

I guarantee you that you don’t have to go to all of these places, but you can choose some of the best places where you can then meet the Russian girl of your dreams.

So let’s get started.

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😍Meet Russian Girls Using Online Dating

1. The first and the easiest and the most efficient way to meet dozens, hundreds, and thousands of beautiful Russian single women who want to meet Western men is online dating.

You don’t have to travel first to russia. You don’t have to invest in the flight ticket. You don’t have to invest in the hotel.

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🏙Top 3 Russian Cities To Meet Russian Girls

The second place to meet hot Russian girls if you can make it is in the top 3 Russian cities.

Here they are :

1. Moscow

russian girl moscow
Moscow, the capital of Russia, tops the list of the best cities to meet attractive women.

With a population of over 13 million, the likelihood of encountering beautiful and unattached women is exceptionally high.

As well as this, local women tend to be drawn to foreign men and frequently seek out online connections, because they are tired of local men in Moscow.

Be warned though, it’s very expensive there and there are some serious high rollers. So only go here if you have plenty of money.

And don’t forget: Russian women are very materialistic, so if you’re staying in a low-rent Airbnb apartment, you cannot expect to meet the hottest Russian girls.

2. St. Petersburg

The northern capital is famous not only for its adorable architecture but also for beautiful women. Lots of amazing girls flock to this city in search of new opportunities and good education, so it won’t be difficult to start interacting with them. There are many places to meet them in person, and lots of these girls don’t mind socializing online too.

The northern capital is not just home to picturesque architecture, but also some drop-dead gorgeous women!

These Russian girls’ ladies flock to the city in search of new opportunities and quality education, meaning you won’t have to put in too much effort to start mingling.

You’ll find plenty of spots to connect with these hot Russian girls in person, and if you’re not the type for face-to-face interaction, don’t worry!

The majority of these Russian girls are more than happy to socialize online too.

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3. Rostov-on-Don

russian girl rostov on don
There are high chances to meet Rostov-on-Don single women as well. This southern city is a port with lots of sights that attract both local youth and guests of the city. Ladies enjoy strolling its long streets and walking in the lush green parks, so you can easily hook them up with a foreign accent!

Rostov-on-Don, a southern port city, is not only a feast for the eyes but also a gold mine for hot, single Russian girls!

With its abundance of attractions that entice both locals and visitors alike, the local girls love nothing more than taking long walks along the streets and through the lush green parks.

If you’re a foreigner, your chances of charming these lovely ladies are high because the local girls love foreign men!

🏪Meet Russian Girls In Shopping Malls

russian girl
Now I am adding this to the video but to be frank, recent sanctions on Russia due to the war have meant that fewer people are actually going to the mall.

Nevertheless, it’s always been a great way to meet women anywhere in the world, so I am including it in this post.

I mean, it’s the best place to find beautiful women. It’s so easy to approach women in the malls. There are girls who are out there with friends who are, eating in restaurants or walking around.

Another alternative is to hit on Shop assistants too.

What you’ll find is that especially in Russia, they don’t really hire shop assistants because of skills. They hire because of looks and beauty.

So most of the shop assistants who work there, especially when they work in high-end shops and especially when they work in cosmetic style and all those kinds of different departments, they look really, really beautiful. Those are the really tall, beautiful girls because they just get the job because they look good.

So don’t be afraid to approach a shop assistant.

🥗Meet Russian Girls In Restaurants

The second place you can meet girls if you’re already in Russia is in restaurants. Yes, I am talking about waitresses.

Why waitresses? Number 1: they are usually young – 25 years old or below.

Number 2: they are often extremely bored.
Waitressing is hardly an inspiring job, and Russian girls are often very bright, so they WILL get bored.

And number 3: they are right there in front of you. You don’t even need to approach them first.

Also, they usually have perfect English because they have to talk to foreigners all day long. So actually, it’s a perfect way to meet Russian girls if you’re already in Russia.

This is one of the easiest ways to meet Russian girls because you don’t need to trawl the streets or shopping malls to find girls, like some kind of desperate sex tourist.

No matter how much professional pick-up artists will tell you meeting girls in the daytime is easy, it really isn’t, and there is always that suspicion that girls have that you
approach a LOT of women in the daytime.

Which of course, you have to if that’s how you choose to meet women..

So striking up a conversation with a waitress comes across as a lot more spontaneous and natural because you haven’t deliberately sought her out.

👧🏼Anecdote About How I met a Czech Girl In A Hotel

russian girl

I’ve got a funny story for you along these lines which is similar to meeting a waitress.

It’s actually about a hot hotel receptionist in Prague who I met whilst I was staying at the hotel.

So I decided to stay in a hotel in Prague instead of an Airbnb. At the time the UK hadn’t left the EU, so we could stay in Prague as long as we wanted.

I walked into the hotel and checked in. I noticed straight away the receptionist was super helpful and friendly.

A little TOO much. And she insisted on taking my Prague number as part of the check-in process.

Later on that day I was exploring Prague 2 and I got a text from the receptionist.

“Hey, I hope all is well with the hotel and that you’re settled in”. I notice you’re staying for a while…

By the way, if you’re ever looking for someone to go out with in Prague, I can meet you.”

I knew what this was about, so I told her I was and that I’d love to go out sometime.

Now as it happens, we didn’t go out at all…I was busy with work and other things, but she always flirted with me as I walked past her in the reception area.

Soon after we got onto the subject of kissing and I mentioned that I would give her a kiss for being so helpful and kind to me…

“One day soon I will take you up on that offer,” she said.

On that Friday, I got a text at about 1130 pm “Hey, I still haven’t had my kiss.” Well I am near the hotel now and I’ve been with my friends, so come and get me so I can stay with you..

So I did..Met her near the hotel, and she was SUPER nervous about anyone seeing her come into the hotel with me. I later worked out she was having a relationship with the young fella who also worked on the reception.

Anyway, we went to my room, she took a shower and put her underwear back on.We started kissing, and then off came the underwear.

And I think you can imagine the rest.

So there you go: take opportunities as they arise spontaneously, and you won’t go far wrong!

💻Use Online Dating To Meet Russian Girls

Now let’s get back to online dating. After all, if you’re from the USA or even from Europe, the chances are low that you can just up and leave and spend extended periods in foreign countries.

Why do I recommend online dating?

Well, the sites that I use and that I recommend to you have WAY more women than men – it’s one of the primary reasons that are much better than say, Tinder, OK Cupid or Match.

When you use a specialist Russian dating site, you will find it a VERY different experience from using Western dating sites. Not just because there are way more women than men.

But because these hot Russian girls are LOOKING for Western men just like you.

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And yes, these women are real on these dating sites.

You can then set up Skype dates with them. You can set up WhatsApp dates with them, whatever you need, whatever platform you want to use to actually see them in the video call so that you can see that they are really real.

Overall using specialist Russian dating sites is the best way for Western guys to meet hot Russian girls. So check out my recommended Russian dating site using the button below for your free sign-up…

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