Sigma Males think and act differently to normal men. When most other men meet a died in the wool Sigma Male, they often think “this guy is weird”…In other words “he’s not like me”.

When a woman meets a Sigma, the typical reaction is “tell me more”…And often a slight moistening of her knickers.

Because Sigmas are wired differently to Alphas, they do not particularly care what others think, because they don’t need the good opinion of other men…So they won’t make much of an effort to change the initial impression.Unless it is in their interests to do so.

So here’s 5 ways in which Sigma Males are totally unlike other men.

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1: They do not comprehend or want any part of a hierarchy.

Most men seem to have an instinctive grasp of a hierarchy or a pecking order. If there is a group of men together, say a group of 6, a leader will usually emerge. There will be a quiet one usually, a funny one, and so on.

The other men will tend to want to follow the leader, if they have confidence that the leader has their best interests at heart, and is competent.

As I explain in some depth in my book, the Sigma Male, this is the natural way of the world, and extends throughout nature. Think of wolf packs, lion prides, groups of monkeys.

The Sigma is different in that he will seek to avoid the hierarchy and will tend to wander off and do his own thing – whatever takes his interest at any moment in time. For a lot of men, this is very frustrating because it upsets order and productive capacity. If everyone did this, society would not function, which is why it relies on large swarms of Delta males to keep things running.

This partially explains why many men dislike Sigma Males : they don’t play by the rules, and they are attractive to women. It causes a lot of anuguish and pain for Deltas, Omegas and some Bravos who look at the Sigma and think “fuck that guy…he doesn’t partake, doesn’t add any value…and women STILL like him”

Nature is cruel.

As I explore in my book The Sigma Male, this is all part of the socio sexual hierarchy, and helps you to understand how men arrange themselves into a pecking order…Except the Sigma Male.

2: They are fiercely independant

If you think it through, it should be obvious that Sigma males are independant thinkers and doers. It’s very tough to separate yourself from the hierarchy without all of the support structures, so in order to do so you need to become self reliant to a degree that most men cannot even understand.

I explain in the my book The Sigma Male how you begin to do this, and it all begins with mindset. You have to develop a way of looking at and understanding the world that is different to other men, and you have to question everything.

There is a process and way of doing this, and whilst it is tough on you at first, it does breed a degree of resilience to shocks and change that stands you in good stead for difficult times.

I personally couldn’t have it any other way, because as I explain in the book, I want to be prepared for difficult times, and is indepentant from the structures as possible.

3: They are prepared for tough times in a way that most other people are not.

I’m not talking about being a prepper here and building a boomb shelter in your back yard. Nor yet having a posh rucksack with your prepper gear, which will be taken from you when you first encounter a roving gang if the worst truly does happen.

I’m talking about practical, business like measures to earn a living (and even build a substantial business – which is what i am doing (work in progress). But to do it in a way that insulates you from the big boys, so that if a downturn happens you’ll still survive.

It stems from thinking for yourself, and as I explain in the book, there are ways that you can build this preparation – both financially, but most importantly by learning to THINK FOR YOURSELF, in a way that most men cannot. Again, as I explain in the book, it all depends on how you see the world. If you think it’s basically OK and that the government will take care of most problems..Fair enough. A Sigma Male does not think like that, because he’s had to rely totally on himself for many years.

4: They have a high degree of scepticism

This all stems from their past and their desire to remove themselves from the hierarchy. If you grew up in a happy homelife, and most other people liked you (including girls), then you probably don’t have the seeds of a Sigma Male within you.

But if you grew up as I did, quite insecure, most people didn’t understand you and you were not particularly appealing to girls…Then you do have the seeds of a Sigma Male..

Sigmas are very sceptical and find it difficult to trust others because of their past, and because they are used to relying totally on themselves. It’s usually the case that Sigmas tend to be way above average IQ too, so it’s not a stretch to say that they are more competent (when the work interests them) than most people. So, they find it hard to trust others who invariably cannot perform the task at hand as well as the Sigma.

5: They probably had an unhappy upbringing.

As I explain in the Sigma Male book, there are certain seeds that are usually in place to grow a fully fledged Sigma Male:

Didn’t fit in well with others as a child (I was often called a square peg in a round hole)
Usually with some attributes that give them innate confidence and FUCK YOU attitude
In my case, I was a superb athlete – very fast and strong – and everyone wanted me in their athletics team
Often not appealing to girls in their very early years
Often academically gifted , or if not, intelligent.

The key point is that it can very easily go the other way. A guy who grows into his power as he ages is a Sigma (I explain all of this in my book).

BUT – if you let things slide – and don’t make the effort to grow, or adpot an overly negative attitude, it’s perfectly possible, infact likely , to end up as an Omega (right at the bottom of the socio sexual hierarchy) which is bad, or a Gamma (still at the bottom of the socio sexual hierarhcy, but detested by most (especially Sigmas) in a way that Omegas are not.

The choice is yours.