I’ve decided to offer a very special offer over the winter months. I know, I know. It’s fucking hard to get the motivation to go out and meet women solo.

So do it with a very, very experienced friend (me). And I mean DO IT. Going to bars, training in gym with me, learning about the Sigma lifestyle, – the whole lot.

Normally the price is $2800 for 5 days on a 5 day residential. But I realise it’s cold. But the girls here in Warsaw are still frisky, and to be frank I am more than happy to spend 5 days with the RIGHT kind of guy with the RIGHT attitude for $600.

I’m talking sitting in bars, coffee shops, going to malls, occasionally the street…The whole lot. For $600 for 5 days. Deliberately and specifically approaching women. If you don’t want to do it, I will.

And it’s not just about picking up girls. I’m talking about becoming an actualised MAN who has his head screwed on and has ideas about what to do in 2,5,10 years time. The world is changing fast. You have to adapt with the times.

So we will talk about business, making money online – everything.

I fully expect you will meet someone – maybe you will settle down? But if not you will sure as hell have an EXPERIENCE.

So, if you’re interested, reserve your spot NOW for DEC / JAN 2019 /2020 at $100. Once you reserve I will be in touch the same day to arrange your time. (And you will have to pay the other $500

No more fucking about. Let’s get this sorted. This will be hardcore!

PS Men over 30 – this will be especially appealing to you.

Steve Jabba

5 days wingman


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