Being a Sigma Male has many benefits. Although Sigma males are rare (and I’ll be telling you how YOU can become a Sigma male later in this presentation), they do have a unique worldview and ability to attract hot women that makes them the envy of many men.

Here are 5 benefits of being a Sigma Male.

1: They are very attractive to women

Undoubtebly the biggest benefit of being a Sigma Male is that you are powerfully attractive to women. If you recall the socio sexual hierarchy, Sigma Males sit right at the top of the hierarchy alongside the Alpha Males.

Though Sigmas are not naturally disposed to be as gregarious as Alphas (Sigmas are actually rather like introverted alphas), they definitely can replicate or even exceed the Alphas abilitiy to attract hot women.

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As I explain in my book The Sigma Male, the socio sexual hierarchy is a heuristic, it’s a tool designed to allow you to predict others behaviour. When you counter a Sigma, you know not to introduce him to your girlfriend.

Whilst Sigmas are attractive to women, they definitely won’t meet a girl from a large social circle or being the leader as an Alpha would. As you can see from the example footage of me approaching women, Sigmas are much more likley to approach women solo, in a nightclub or the daytime.

2: They are outside of the hierarchy by choice.

Whenever I make videos about Sigma Males and explain that one of the chief characteristics is that a Sigma deliberately excludes himself from the hierarchy, there is always a chorus of Gamma Males who loudly proclaim that Thank God! They now know they are a Sigma male…Largely because they know they cannot pretend to be an Alpha, but they think being a Sigma Male sounds cool.

Actually Sigma Males really do not understand or acknowledge the hierarchy at all, and seek to remove themselves from it. I break down in my book the Sigma Male exactly how I went about doing this, and explain how it all begins with mindset. The ultimate freedom for a Sigma Male is generating his own income, not being beholden to anyone, living where he wants, talking to who he wants.

Whilst there are stresses associated with removing yourself from the hierarchy, a true Sigma cannot live any other way. I explain in The Sigma Male how you can build up to it, step by step.

3: They choose their own destiny

Sigma Males hate anyone having power over them, so they naturally seek to develop greater autonomy throughout their lives. It all begins with mindset for a Sigma Male : since they don’t acknowledge the hierarchy at all, they naturally develop their own worldview and are usually resistant to propoganda or brainwashing.

The history of human society is one of a vast swarm of hard working men who keep society running (usually Delta males). But as I explain in The Sigma Male, the Sigma sits (somewhat cynically) outside of the system and hierarchy, whilst still partaking in all the benefits of a civilised society.

It is a tragic shame that Deltas are largely unappreciated by women for all the work they do. But Sigmas are intelligent enough to realise that they play the game as it is…Not how they would wish it to be , or by what is just and fair.

4: They deal with reality.

I explain in my book The Sigma Male that Sigmas absolutely MUST deal with reality. Whereas a Gamma Male is famed for creating a delusion bubble to avoid dealing with the pain of their lives, Sigmas seek out truth and reality and deal with it head on.

Though a Sigmas early life is often marked by pain and suffering, they later develop into a strong man who can cope with the world and their daily reality as it is.

This means that when tough times come, Sigmas are ready to deal with it – be it financial difficulties, social alienation, living alone, and so on.

5: No one tells a Sigma what to do.

It should be obvious to anyone who is listening attentively, but you cannot tell a Sigma Male what to do. Because they generate their own income and have autonomy in their lives, whilst removing themselves from the power centres, it’s very hard to get any leverage over a Sigma. Fundamentally, they are more resistant to blackmail or power games than an Alpha male , for example – though clearly they wield less social and financial power than the Alpha.

Couple this with the fact that Sigmas are always prepared to walk away. There is a whimsical quality about most Sigma males , and they tend to get interested in their projects to the exclusion of all else. They tend to be more solipsistic than average too, so it’s kind of hard to put the thumb screws on a Sigma and shame, blackmail, cajole or otherwise influence a Sigma to do what they don’t want to do. They are very much like cats in that way.

Bear in mind that althought Sigmas have nowhere near the hard power of an apha, all of their personal power comes from within and stems from their strong locus of control.