Sigma Males are different to other men in a multitude of ways. The 2 main differences are : they do not understand or participate in the social sexual hierarchy…And they are usually very attractive to women.

These differences alone means the life of a typcial Sigma Male looks very different indeed to the lives of most other men. Let’s find out 5 reasons why it pays to become a Sigma Male.

1: They don’t need to ask permission

Let’s take an example that all of you should be familiar with. Let’s suppose you want to go on a lads holiday with your best mate. You plan it all out, visualise it in your mind…Sitting in the square in Wroclaw in Poland in the blazing sun, watching the girls in jean shorts walk past whilst you sip a cool beer.

Or perhaps drinking a gin and tonic by the beach in Malaga, Spain, listening to the waves lap at your feet and watching the hot Spanish senoritas walk past in string bikinis.

But there’s a problem. A problem in the form of your 60 year old grey haired Boomer boss…Who has had every advantage in life, but whose sole purpose in his remaining years seems to be to make your life as difficult and miserable as possible..The problem is, you need his PERMISSION to ask for time off..You need to be ALLOWED out of your little pen to run around free for 2 weeks per year.

You set your jaw..Pull your shoulders back, and approach the Boomers desk…As he looks up at you with that grey head of receeding hair and that rictus grin, you just know he’s going to um and ah and talk about how busy they are right now and how much they need you around…Guess what? You’re shit outta luck. The string bikinis will have to wait for next summer. Get back inside your little pen.

Well, fuck all that. I chose years ago that this would not be my fate, despite how difficult it can be to live outside of the system. At least you don’t need to ask permission from grey haired Baby Boomers and SPEAK POLITELY to them whilst doing so!

FUCK THAT. As I explain in my book the Sigma Male, one of the core personality traits of a Sigma is to find a way to live life on his terms, and not ever need to ask permission.

I explain how I managed to live outside the system for over 10 years now…And it all begins with mindset, how you see the world.

2: They are free in a way most men are not

The goal of any true Sigma Male is for self determination and freedom. I describe in the book The Sigma Male how I learned over the years to monetise my talents and skills in a way that doesn’t require exchanging my time for money. If a Sigma can pull this off, he can live where he wants, speak to who he wants…And never have to deal with petty vindictive Boomers again!

This is freedom. The reason you are even listening and watching this podcast is because it’s a skill I’ve developped over the years to live the life of freedom that I want. I’ve lived in approximately 20 countries over the last 10 years, and visited dozens more. Sometimes a week in one city, sometimes a month.

When you live this free wheeling lifestyle as a Sigma Male, you need to develop certain mindsets and skillsets to make it work. As I outline in the book, one of these is the ability to walk up to girls stone cold sober in the daytime…And end up in bed with them, sometimes even less than an hour later.

If you get bored in a particular town, you just move on. And finally, after many years, if you decide you want to stay in one place and rejoin the hierarchy on your terms, you can do this. The point is, you are free to choose the life YOU want. If you don’t have the drive to make this happen, you can be sure someone else will push you around and tell you what life you deserve.

3: They are powerfully attractive to women and don’t need to play games.

This is one of the key benefits of being a Sigma Male. As I describe in the book, I first began to develop the Sigma Mindset because I wanted access to better women, to get the girls of my dreams.

This desire to find and have sex with the best women in the world started a journey that has so far lasted over 15 years and over 100 countries, and several hundred women in my bed : from nightclubs, bars, coffee shops, innocuous meetings on the street, on tube stations underground..And most famously on train journeys between Milton Keynes and London in the UK!

I desribe in The Sigma Male how I developped a system for attracting the best possible women, and expand on this even more in the mindset book Primal Seduction…And my 5 hour video series The Secret Society. (Incidentally, The Secret Society refers to a man who sees the world of sex and dating as it REALLY is : that women are giving off signals all the time, and there is a world of sex out there that 99% of men never see). It’s why most men sleep with a measly 6 women in their lifetime..But some men go to bed with hundreds..And when they finally do settle down, it’s with a girl they actually WANT.

Now when you develop the skills to attract the women you want, and you KNOW that you can meet a girl pretty easily, without playing games or dealing with drama…Then women become a pleasure to you rather than the doom laden black pilled nightmare that a lot of men seem to talk about nowadays. What nonsense!
If you find meeting women hard and you cannot get the women you want, then it’s on you. A Sigma Male doesn’t have any of these problems.

4: You learn to live life simply, cheaply, and focus on what matters.

It may shoick you to learn that I can survive and have an enjoyable life on about $1100 per month. As I outline in the book The Sigma Male, a part of gaining the freedom you want is to focus on what you actually NEED and what you get pleasure from.

I live in an up and coming city in an up and coming country : Warsaw in Poland in Europe. When I meet guys who come to see me for 1 on 1 training on the art of attracting the women of their dreams, they are shocked at the amount of beautiful young girls, and the orderliness of the city. And what’s more, how cheap everything is!

You see, the Poles know a little common sense secret : Poland is for Polish people. I am grateful that they let me stay as a guest in their wonderful country (and don’t talk to me about Brexit, if you’re tempted to try and poke holes in what I say in this video. There are over a million poles in my home country of the UK. They are not going to kick out a White British man who adds to their country).

I do what is know as Geographic arbitrage : make money and live cheaply in whatever country I choose. And let’s be honest : being in a country where feminism hasn’t taken hold like it has in the West is a breath of fresh air.

The point is, as I explain in The Sigma Male, you learn what is important in life and design your life around that. Your sanity, wallet and dick thanks you for it too!