So there I was minding my own business, and thinking about how I’m going to find a beautiful girl who I can commit to, and build a wholesome life in Spain; Making life, making videos, helping others..

And then I noticed it. It came and found me. A pathetic, poorly disguised series of venomous insults , hiding behind a veneer of civilty and genuine enquiry sat stinking up the approval queue in my Youtube comments inbox.

Now years of working online and dealing with weak, ugly, pathetic excuses for men has trained my senses to spot these wretched little creatures within the first paragraph – so I quickly hid the commenter and banned him for life without bothering to read the rest of his comment. After all, I’ve seen it all before.

But it wasn’t over! I keep an eye on certain websites where I know these little urchins congregate, and sure enough there he was, with a wall of text spewing lies, misinformation and hilariously revealing that acutually he just wants to pour out his hatred of me, tell other people all about it, and try to get other pathetic, dysfunctional weird little men to join his cause.

Turns out he wasn’t alone! Within an hour, 3 other low SMV, hate filled reality denying Gammas all joined in, piping up in their weird, shrill feminine voices to join him in a chorus of hate. Here’s a sample of what they had to say :

Keeps talking about how sigma he is, how he’s the centre of his own world etc but is massively externally referenced. You can see this when he’s talking about competing with wings for girls. It’s really important to him that he’s doing better than his wings. A bit of competition is fine but the way he talks about it you can tell it’s more important to him than actually having mates.

He seems aspy. Criticises British culture and its sense of humour. Says he doesn’t like banter. Boring cunt. Jabba always struck me as a bit thick and a poor conversationalist. If he had good banter he’d probably enjoy it. But he doesn’t have banter so he doesn’t enjoy it. Like most gammas, he takes himself and everything else way too seriously.

I only listened to two podcasts and the whole time I was just thinking “this guy is such a loser”.

I asked him politely what he thought about some of this on YT, did he not think there was some cognitive dissonance on his part, but he just hid my comment. My opinion is he’s an absolute faggot. Everything I’ve heard him say about being Sigma is just gamma rationalising for his loserishness.

he thing is he’s probably dealing with very low self esteem and has done for quite some time (maybe since childhood).
With that being said he’s utterly delusional about almost everything. And an absolute hypocrite.

He’s very very lucky he’s a decent looking guy and hasn’t got issues attracting women (not a chance in hell in keeping them ).

The saddest part, I always thought emotional control is a cornerstone of being a player. Steve seems to be too sensitive to be able to deal with the harsh realities of pickup. I sadly believe he’s mostly using GLGG, and sleeping with easy 7s

I’ve heard some bad stories about how he talks to other guys, either guys he’s hanging out with or guys who tried to talk to him when they see him around. Telling people to fuck off for no reason. Incidentally, think Torero had a jibe at him about that on a recent podcast. Said something like “those guy’s saying fuck off! – they’re not in control of their emotional state”. I assume he was talking about Jabba.

Now I know what some of you are thinking! But Steve! Why don’t you just ignore these pathetic little men? I mean what kind of man will spend literally hours of his time psychoanalysing an actual man, thinking about it for hours as he unsuccessfully traipses the streets and gets blown out, time and again…And then spews it out on the internet once he’s been given a green light by his alpha Gamma?

What’s the point of talking about them?

Well, some of you might not be aware that people like these exist. It looks like the internet is enabling these grubby little creatures to congregate , and get views and clicks for spending hours talking about actual real men, whilst their audience of maggot gammas rubs their greasy, cum stained from wanking hands together and watches in their darkened rooms. I’ll talk about this in just a minute. Hold your horses! Let Stevie speak!

They seem to like to spend hours talking about
Actual real men like me, who actual attractive women like and find attractive and are happy to play with my cock and let me put it inside them (without paying for it.)

Or how about actual real men like Owen Benjamin, who is an actual giant, hysterically funnd and has a list of accomplishments, who actual real , sweet, feminine girls fall in love with, and live a happy life with beautiful children?

Or a guy like Vox Day, with an actual IQ the size of the gravitational force of a medium sized planet, who is a man of courage, loyalty, who has several successful business, and who has actual real friends who he is loyal to, and has been for years?

So why don’t I ignore them? Well, someone has to explain to me why a biologically male will spend hours of their time, build Youtube channels where they talk shit , mock and hate on good people. Why they congreate on sites like Reddit and devote page after page of shit stirring, hating, insulting and making low IQ assumptions about these good, actual mens mental state. There is an actual Reddit page devoted to shitting on the Big Bear, Owen benjamin.

I make videos like these because although it feels like dipping my hands in disgusting slime, it is amusing to me (plus I wanted to try out the Gamma voices!) (as well as intellectually interesting) to try and understand what kind of man would exhibit this kind of typically feminine behaviour. Ins’t that what women do – get together in little knitting circles and gossip?

Could it be that all this time that Gamma’s like this existed in great numbers, but never before had the mechanism to hook up with other dysfunctional, low value, sweaty (and don’t forget cumstained from wanking) palms?

Or is our increasingly feminised culture producing more and more of these wretched little creatures?

Are sites like Youtube making them think that they can convert and undermine actual normal, functioning men who have used their penis for something other than urinating?

Whatever the reason I’m seeing more and more of them.

Well we’ve looked at Gamma’s in the wild, we’ve seen their behaviour and we understand them a little bit more.

It seems to me it’s largely about jealousy. It looks like a certain type of man wants to just tear others down.

I suppose it is because actual men like me have something that they will never have. Perhaps because they cannot imagine actual young attractive women will never like them, and their time has passed? Or is it something more?

It’s just so odd to me why a human male would devote so much time and energy in trying to take down an actual man with these sneaky, ankle biting behaviours. Any ideas??

You tell me what you think.