2 Day PUA Training 1 On 1 With Me

Steve Jabba

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I’m pleased to now offer 2 day pick up / seduction training for you guys in London, UK

This is an intense 1 on 1 course with just me and you spread over 2 full days.

NOTE: The majority of you will of course prefer Saturday and Sunday – but I am flexible. We can do any 2 consecutive days if you wish.

It includes :

++ At least 5 hours per day infield learning how to approach and seduce women.
++ Full instruction on everything: body language, mindset, approaching.
++ All time is spent with me, individually, 1 on 1
++ I’ll give you specific advice and pointers on what you can do better in set. This includes your pre-approach routine, the critical first 3 minutes, how you can create sexual tension and so on.
++ We’ll go into FULL DETAIL about IOIs including building your awareness, spotting IOIs, forcing IOIs, approaching off IOIs and so on. (There is no-one better qualified on the planet to teach this since I invented the technique about 30 years ago!)
++ A written summary of your action plan after the program is complete

Cost: 1000 GBP for 2 days

Booking The 2 Day Training

You can either book directly, or contact me to discuss first.

To book now use the button below. Once payment is received, I will be in touch with you to arrange dates.

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