Well this has been a long time coming.

So I arrived in Kiev 2 days ago and have been busy so far. But today I decided to get back on it.

I did my first approach and luckily managed to get some footage.

Now it’s the first time I’ve used this spy watch camera so it’s a bit all over the place…And I was taken aback at how quickly it happened.

Also, bear in mind I am being very cautious. This is not the UK, so I have inexpertly hidden her face – I do NOT want trouble in this country, and I have respect for the girls too. It’s wrong to plaster them all over the internet.

I’m happy overall. I have not approached in a long time, for lots of reasons. But now I am back where I belong, and I want it to stay this way.

She has got in touch and has been very complimentary, I am happy to say. So, I shall be meeting her tomorrow. I am very confident I could sleep with her if I wanted to. We will see.



So, you can see quick number closes do work. I followed the approaching procedure I outline in Secret Societyit does work – even for a man of nearly 43 chatting up 21 year old girls!

There will be a lot more infield footage to come.

Find out more about Secret Society and Primal Seduction by checking out the pages in the menu..It’s the fastest way to get the results you want. Tinder and online dating aint gonna cut it!

Guys, get your arses out there and start approaching. The weather is not great so it’s HELLO shopping malls methinks.

You are not a bear, and you don’t need to hibernate for the winter!

Jabba out. Now get on it!