17 Flirting Signs from a Woman: How to Know When She’s Interested!

Steve Jabba

By Steve Jabba. Find out more about Steve Jabba here

Here it is guys: the top 17 flirting signs from a woman, so you NEVER get stuck again..

And you can easily figure out with confidence which women are interested in you.

In 2023, it’s more important than ever that a man can read these signs that a woman is flirting with you and realise she is not just being friendly.

👁1. Darting Eyes – looking away and then back at you

darting eyes flirting signs

Strength of Signal Out Of 10: 6

This is one of the most common eye contact flirting signs, but it can be subtle and easy to miss.

You’ll see this when you’re out and about and considering approaching a girl.

The key here is actually calibration, and understanding when she is looking away because she DOESN’T want you to talk to her…Or looking away because of sexual tension and a bit of shyness.

Other examples

Let’s say you’re walking towards a girl on the street and you see her darting her eyes away from you.

I’d say a stronger flirting signal here would be if she seems a bit distracted and flustered. That would give the signal a 7 or even 8 our of 10.

However, if she meets eyes with you, looks away, and determinedly doesn’t look at you again then she probably doesn’t want to talk to you.

This might well be accompanied by a “tight” look on her face, slightly tense.

You’ll need to learn to spot the difference – this one is a micro signal that happens fast.

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💇🏼‍♀️2. Running fingers through or playing with her hair

Strength of flirting sign out Of 10 : 7.5

This is a very clear sign of female attraction and you can pretty much take it as a green light.

Hair flirting is actually a pretty common way that a girl will signal attraction to you. If a girl keeps playing with her hair when talking to you, then try and move things forward by asking for her number or taking her on a date there and then.

Playing with her hair is usually accompanied by other female signs of flirting, as you will see.

The only real exception would be if she’s got long hair which is getting in her face, and she’s moving it out of the way.

Playing with her hair is different. Possibly the strongest signal is if she puts her hair near her mouth and bites on it.

😍3. Showing Her Neck To You

Strength signal out of 10 : 7

I’m sure you’re aware this is a strong signal of submission in the animal kingdom.

So when the female human primate does this, it’s a pretty clear sign that she’s signalling attraction to you.

The reason is that in displaying submission like this, she’s trying to awaken your instincts for dominance..Which as we all know is a universally attractive masculine trait.

Showing her neck to you is a clear sign a woman is interested in you. If you see a girl doing this, take it as a strong green light.

👧🏼4. Tilting her head towards you

Strength Signal Out Of 10 : 7

This is another of several rapport-seeking flirting signs that is a pretty strong indicator of attraction.

Any time you’re in a conversation with a girl and she moves her head towards you or tilts it in your direction, take it as a positive sign that she likes you.

Usually, it also indicates a certain inquisitiveness about you, she may well start asking you personal questions (which is another great signal).

Overall, tilting her head towards you is a clear sign a woman is attracted to you. If you see it, make a move!

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🪑5. Turning in her seat towards you

Strength Signal Out Of 10 : 8

This is one of the strongest flirtings sign from a girl. Watch how her body orients herself towards you and she’s literally hanging on every word you say.

If she moves close enough that her leg brushes against yours, you can interpret this as a 9 out of 10 signal that she is interested.

🏹6. Lightly touching you on the arm or shoulder

Strength Signal Out Of 10 : 8.5

This is one of the most powerful signs there is. Girls instinctively seem to know is the most powerful way of creating attraction and flirting – they don’t need to learn it like guys.

Needless to say if a girl touches your arm or should or any part of your body, even if it’s only just fleetingly – then this is a definite come on. Strong Green light.

😆7. Laughing when you talk

Strength Signal Out Of 10 : 8.0

Another very powerful signal. Have you noticed when girls do this that it automatically makes you feel more relaxed and confident, in a better state of flow?

This is intentional – she’s trying to help you along – so it’s a very strong signal that she’s attracted to you.

Contrast this with when she’s disinterested and makes it difficult for you to make conversation, giving one word answers and showing you a stony face when you talk to her.

🚶🏼‍♂️8.Parading back and forth in front of you

Strength Of Signal 7.5-8

I love this one! I remember this behaviour clearly from some of my European Trips, especially in Ukraine.

It boils down to her showing interest in you by walking past, maybe darting glances at you or smiling..

If you don’t approach her there and then, she keeps walking back and passing you again, maybe 5-20 minutes later.

This is about the strongest form of approach invitation there is.

These flirting signs can be easy to miss…And hard to interpret.

The key is social calibration and knowing exactly how to read her body langauge..Sometimes a woman’s little tells will give away what she is really thinking, and whether she is attracted to you.

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👄9.Licking her lips / drawing attention to her lips with straws etc

Strength Of Signal 9

This is almost as close as you can get to a 100% Green light. But only very confident girls actually do this one.

I used to have a girlfriend who was a stripper at Spearmint Rhino in London. One time, for a laugh, we walked around together in the summer (this was in Wokingham) in the UK.

We decided to make other men and women uncomfortable, so she wore a very sexy red dress which showed off her figure..High black heels, bright red lipstick..

She started winking salaciously at both men and women and licking her lips very obviously…

You’d be amazed how many women and men blushed, looked away, were nervous..

It’s probably the no 1 come on that there is.

😮10. Cornering you / getting away from the crowd

Strength Of Signal 8.5

Another of the most powerful signs that a girl wants the D from you. If at any time a girl finds a way to get close to you and tries to cut off your space by leaning into you, keeping you away from the crowd, it’s a definite sign that she wants to take things further.

If you’re given this kind of signal then suggest going somewhere else within 5 minutes!

👅11. Body language imitation – a sign of rapport

Strength Of Signal 7.5

This is a less powerful signal in my view. A girl can mirror a mans body language if she’s having a really interesting non flirtacious conversation.

If this happens to you it’s your job to ignite some sexual tension – perhaps by touching her lightly, or giving her a very direct sincere compliment..Or even just by using powerful pauses. There are lots of ways to do it.

Remember that just having rapport alone with a girl is not enough to get her excited about sleeping with you.

❓12. Asking if you have a girlfriend or asking where is your girlfriend?

Strength Of Signal 9

Joint No 1 most powerful signal so far on this list, this is a very clear sign that she is thinking of you sexually and is interested in taking things further.

If she asks you this, now is not the time to be bashful. Take charge and lead things further. She is giving you the clearest possible Green light to do so.

💺13. Sitting next to you even if other seats are available

Strength Of Signal 8.5

This is one of the most powerful flirting signs. Think about it, why would she come and deliberately sit next to you if there are other seats available?

Definitely make a move if this happens to you and take it as a green light.

😛14. Making double entendres

Strength Of Signal 7

This is one of the least powerful flirting signs in my view. A girl might make double entendres with you because she’s trying to have alaugh with you, or “banter” as the British call it.

Incidentally some British girls do this a lot. I never really liked it.

You have to test out for yourself whether she’s flirting or not by amping up the sexual tension, as I mentioned earlier. Use the techniques described and see how she reacts.

👁15. Making prolonged eye contact with you

Strength Of Signal 9

This is the 2nd of the most common flirting signs that women use, according to the study conducted by Dr Monica Moore.

It’s also joint 1st as a strength signal that she is flirting with you.

If a girl makes prolonged, intense eye contact she is practically inviting you to come over and talk to her.

This can happen in any context – as you are walking down the street, in a bar or nightclub or in a restaurant.

If you don’t have much time to act, the key is to act quickly because hesitation makes you look a bit weak – so if you get prolonged eye contact on the street, approach her before she walks past.

😊16. Smiling at you

Strength Of Signal 9

This is one of the most powerful signs of female attraction.

it’s also the most common of our 16 flirting signs, and is the most likely way that she will show that she’s interested in you.

If you see a girl smiling at you and maintaining eye contact, then it is definitely game on..At least assuming you don’t make a mess of it when you approach her.

It’s actually quite a brave thing for some girls to do as they can be shy…So I urge you to be a gentleman and at least go and talk to her!

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