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Austrian girls are famed for their classic Nordic beauty: long blond hair, pale creamy skin and cute facial features. But make no mistake: if you want to get laid in Vienna and hookup with Austrian girls, you’re going to need to be at the top of your game.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get laid in Vienna with hot Austrian girls as simply, quickly and cheaply as possible.

For those who don’t want to read this huge in-depth article, the best way to get laid in Vienna is by using the famous “level up” dating site Ashley Madison.

There are millions of girls on this site who are looking to meet a guy for a naughty encounter.

Here’s a sample of the super hot girls on Ashley Madison in Vienna:

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👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨How To Get Laid In Vienna The Easy Way – Try Ashley Madison

Hookup with Austrian girls in Vienna: quick summary

Quality Of Looks Of Girls In Vienna: 8.5/10
Attitude and character: serious, reserved, intelligent
Difficult Of Hookup (daytime, bars, clubs): 8/10 (very difficult)
Difficult Of Hookup (Ashley Madison): 5/10 (easy/medium)

Whilst girls in Vienna are famed for their beauty, they are notoriously reserved and difficult to pick up in social situations, such as in a bar, club or in the daytime. That’s why many an intrepid traveller has torn his hair out in frustration at the difficulty of picking up these gorgeous women in the more conventional ways.

This is where Ashley Madison comes in. There are over 55,000 women signed up to this level up dating site in Vienna, all of them looking for a hookup with a guy.

We’re talking some of the hottest women in the world that you’ll find on this dating site.

Why is it much easier to hookup with girls on Ashley Madison?

Because this is a pure hookup dating site – and women who sign up know what the site is about. So when you join, you know that every single girl on the site wants to hookup (preferably with an interesting cool foreigner).

Moreover, you’ll find girls from all over the world on this app – (especially in the United States.) So if you’re a tourist in Vienna and don’t live there, you’ll be able to use the app when you return home.

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👸Austrian Women: Looks And Character

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As we’ve established, Austrian girls in Vienna are classically beautiful – but what of their character? Why are Austrian women so difficult to pick up in bars and nightclubs?

The reason is down to their upbringing and culture. In Austria, academic achievement is greatly prized, and because the city is so steeped in history, the Austrians naturally have pride in their culture.

Most Austrian women therefore have high self-esteem, high IQ, and they are well-versed in the classics of music, art and literature.

Because of this they can be very reserved and standoffish and are difficult to seduce from a real-life approach.

You cannot just approach an Austrian girl in Vienna when you’re completely drunk and expect her to captivate her: generally speaking, this won’t impress them at all.

Do Austrian Girls Speak English

Yes – you will have no trouble conversing with Austrian girls in Vienna in English.

Let’s have a look at Austrian women in their natural habitat in Vienna and get a flavour of how beautiful the city is:

🍹Vienna Nightlife And Clubs

So you’ve decided to brave the frosty Viennese women in the nightclubs of Vienna. Here’s a list of the top ranking clubs that you should check out (all have a 4 * rating or more on Google Maps):

Cabaret Fledermaus Spiegelgasse 2, 1010 Wien, Austria
Portal Club: Währinger Gürtel 12, 1090 Wien, Austria
Galeria Café: Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 Wien, Austria
Heaven Club Rio: Hubergasse 10, 1160 Wien, Austria
Vitrinni Lounge Beer: Hamburgerstraße 18, 1050 Wien, Austria

Best Nightlife In Vienna

Overall what are these nightclubs like? As we’ve discussed, Viennese girls are classically beautiful but frosty – so you really need to have a high level of game, charisma and looks to impress them.

Also keep in mind the appalling ratio in nightclubs in Vienna – often 3 -4 guys for every girl. Yeah, it’s not great.

📈Vienna Hookup Guide: RANKED 1 – 3

If you’re looking for a quick Vienna hookup, here are the 3 main ways ranked from easiest to hardest:

1. Use a Vienna Hookup App like Ashley Madison. Forget about Tinder and the other dating apps, they are totally played out and the competition from being outnumbered 6 men to 1 girl makes it almost impossible to find your Vienna hookup (unless you a a 9/10 in looks).
2. Try going to the bars and clubs in Vienna.
3. Try meeting girls in the daytime.
4. Try the naughty adult entertainment options in Vienna.

These 4 options will work for most guys. The online dating option is the easiest because you can do it even before you land in the city and you don’t need to spend a ton of money either.

❤️Find Girls For Hookup In Vienna / Where To Find Girls For Sex Vienna

Vienna is a large city, with a population of 2.9 million in the greater Vienna area. As with any modern sprawling city, you’ll find most of the attractions and urbanisation in the centre. Where there is money, choice, entertainment and variety, you’ll find hot women – and Vienna is no exception.

So head to the centre if you want to hook and find girls for sex. As we’ve talked about, the 2 main ways to meet girls for a hookup in Vienna are:

1: Using Ashley Madison (dating site for gorgeous women and ambitious men)
2: In bars and nightclubs.

Ashley Madison is the no 1 way because it’s convenient, inexpensive and efficient.

You can sit in your hotel room in Central Vienna and spam hundreds of girls with the same message. Some will respond (unless you look like Jabba the Hutt, of course).

In terms of nightclubs in Vienna, make sure you only visit the clubs on this list. Remember that the list is constantly updated if you check the maps embedded on this page.

🚨Red Light District Vienna (The Gurtel)

red light district vienna

Prostituion and therefore sex work is legalised in Vienna, and there is a thriving red light district that is worth millions of euros per year to Vienna. So is this a viable way to get laid if you come to Vienna?

Of course! If you just want to get laid in Vienna and you don’t mind paying, the red light district will fit your needs. The problem is, you’ll get bored of it very quickly, and of course the sex is not the same as with a girl who is actually attracted to you, and who you have charmed into bed.

Here’s a walking tour of the Red Light District in Vienna, called “The Gurtel”.

Doesn’t look so hot in the daytime, eh? Also did you notice the shifty looking undesirables (who are clearly NOT Austrian) hanging around and watching , possibly with nefarious purpose? I wouldn’t want to walk past those guys late in the evening, since I’ve a fairly clear idea what they are after. (It’s NOT a deep discussion on Austrian culture for sure).

So yes you can get laid in the red light district in Vienna..But what does it say about you, an is it the same as hooking up with a beautiful civilised Austrian girl?

😁Enjoy Meeting Girls In Vienna

As we’ve seen, the girls in Vienna are out of this world, but not easy at all. If you want to avoid frustration and heartache, the best option is to give Ashley Madison a go and find local girls who are looking for a hookup.

It’s free to sign up with a trial account, and inexpensive for full membership.

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